Mr. Max’s Message: November 2007



Girl On Top invited me to play a couple of songs from Why Do We Go To War? during their set at the Cantab on Friday, November 30.  I wrote a medley of three songs from the show, but maybe it will be better to play one of the gospel numbers, or the military hymn that mixes rap with Monty Python antics.  What ever we decide to play, I hope to see you there.


The End War Now DVD release party is set for December 8th at the Abbey Lounge with the Liz Borden Band, Emily Grogan, and The Cello Chix—and my Peace Chor-us is doing excerpts from Why Do We Go To War?  And that’s just the talent on the main stage!  We’ll also have Michael Bloom (Tim Mungenast & the Pre-existing Conditions), Tim Casey (the DVD producer), and Bryan Kane (Bone Gunn) from 8:00 to 9:00 on the pub stage. And to top it off I’ve got the Reverend Richard Emmanuel, a renowned artist from Gloucester, who will be sharing some of his political views about the war in Iraq.  If you’re interested in participating in the Peace Chorus—I can use people of all different levels of talent—please get in touch with me.

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74 Jamaica St.
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