Keep it goin’ on strong and straight

And use your heart and all your might
and all your weight
and all your power
Do what you can
to make it last for many hour
Because once your dead
you’re done, you don’t come back.
~Mr. Butch

Rita: Wise words from a wise man whom we will miss. Do you know that one day Mr. Butch found $300 on the street and handed it out to strangers? Fourteen people received $20 that day—Butch kept $20 for himself. Lolita: Wait a second—he gave me $20 once—I thought it was because he wanted my services. He was quite a man, if you know what I mean. Afterwards I gave him the $20 back—the experience was well worth it. Rita: You’re such a slut and you don’t even care. How was your Paris vacation? Lolita: I ran out of euros after two days but luckily I found Pigalle, the sex center of Paris, and made enough pocket change to support the rest of my vacation. There may be enough demand now for me to publish La Noisette in Paris. Rita: You know noisettes are hazelnuts in France. Lolita: Maybe I’ll change my name to Hazel for that trés bon ’zine. Rita: Hey, enough about your new French ’zine, let’s find out what other people did this summer. Lolita: Okay, line ’em up—let’s hear about the highlight of your summer…

{mospagebreak title=SUMMER HIGHLIGHTS}

ADAM LEWIS (The Planetary Group): Posing for The Noise centerfold, of course! Much better than my vacation in southeast Asia. Lolita: Some people may wonder why Adam was chosen for our Big Shot (no longer known as the centerfold)—he lost 180 lbs. in the last year. *** BILLY CARL (Bird Mancini): We host a backyard jam every year with all our musical and nonmusical friends. This year it decided to rain on us complete with thunder and lightning. We pulled the plug and played under a tent with everyone crowding around us smiling, laughing, singing and dancing. Even though the tent was supported by lots of metal poles we escaped electrocution (but think of the press we would have gotten if we had all been electrocuted!). A mini Woodstock in our own yard. *** TIM MUNGENAST (Tim Mungenast & His Preexisting Conditions): There have been a lot of great things going on this summer, but the highlight for me was our annual trip to the Cape with my wife and daughter. We collected rocks and shells on the beach, lounged in the shade eating ice cream, dined on good touristy fried food, and cruised for LPs in the thrift shops (okay, the LPs were my obsession and mine alone). Anyway, it was a great time and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. *** SEAN MURRAY (Jake & the Jakes): The highlight of my summer this year was vacationing on a beach house up in Seabrook, NH. Body surfing/boogy boarding seven to ten hours a day, building/sculpting sand castles and other things for the kids, every day for the last couple of weeks was great. It allowed me to remember what’s truly important and how blessed I have been throughout my life to enjoy these moments and understand what it all means. I look forward to these moments as much as possible in my life. *** JOHN POWHIDA (The Rudds/ John Powhida International Airport): Recording and releasing my first solo CD, John Powhida’s Star Spangled Banner, and the residency for the John Powhida International Airport at Toad that followed! And by the way it’s John Powhida International Airport not THE John Powhida International Airport. Lolita: John, if you don’t want us to screw with your name, you have to show us with better example. Your first sentence uses “the” where it shouldn’t be. *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): The highlight of the summer for me was riding a mechanical bull while watching the gorgeous (and scantily clad) ladies of The Boston Babydolls dance up a storm. Throw in some free booze, free BBQ, lots of ladies, then crank the heat up to 125 degrees and that’s one hell of a night. *** PATTI JONES (music attorney): I was the only American civilian at two ceremonies in July in France honoring American soldiers who died in World War II. The ceremony in Chatelmontagne, a small village in the middle of France, was grandiose with a military marching band and representatives of the French regional government and military. It was held in honor of six U.S. Air Force officers who died in a plane crash on a hill near the town. Their mission was unknown and still a mystery. We toured the site where remains of the plane are still embedded in the earth. I posed for newspapers photos and was wined and dined like a celebrity just because I was American! For everybody who thinks the French don’t appreciate what we did in WWII, their treatment of one civilian American was testimony that the French really do still love us! *** FRANCIS DiMENNO (The Noise): The most interesting day of my summer was July 6th. My sister Mary came up for a visit and I took her to Island Park Beach in Portsmouth, RI, We ate at the original Flo’s Clam Shack on Park Avenue, and drove back to Providence via Fall River and Seekonk in a hailstorm. The most interesting five minutes was when I had four RI state troopers come to my door on August 1 at 7:35am, asking about an escaped felon. *** MAX G (Max G & the Spots): The Spots and I finally went on a little Northeast tour in Shawn’s conversion van. We passed a store in Danbury, CT, “Dollar Max.” The slogan was “Your dollar buys Max here.” Sweet! *** MONIQUE ORTIZ (A.K.A.C.O.D.): Being able to spend a lot of time at Hi-N-Dry with Dana and Larry, finishing our debut record! Awesome! *** BRIAN CHURCH (Tristan Da Cunha/ Electric Clawjob): Summer highlights, besides finally releasing a new record, included helping the sassy warlords of Clawjob decimate Worcester, wielding the Asgaard Scimitar with Ernesto and Eric, experiencing the new direction of Paper Thin Stages, dressing up as trees and posing in front of the reflecting pool at the Mother Church, taking the guy who used to be in Sparks and his Swedish vocalist to Walden Pond only to be turned away by a high bacteria count sending us back to hang out at Papa Gino’s in Allston, bonding over a mutual love of The Rutles… playing a show with these blokes was pretty swell as well. *** NANCY NEON (The Noise): My summer highlight was July 23 when my fun, fashionable friend, Eva Destruction and I traveled to New York City for the Mode Merr’s Burlesque Brunch at Marion’s Continental at Bowery and 4th Street. We met up with our friend Gillian, also from Boston, and our NYC friend, Ron Ross. While Eva and I were already fans of Angela’s designs, Gillian was readily converted over Fashionista (ruby red vodka and grapefruit juice) cocktails and the delish food. We three gals got the satin “panty line” skirts in different colors. (Mr. DeMille, we’re ready for our close up!) I’m planning to bring the Mode Merr show to the Baseball Ball Tavern in the fall! *** PETER RINNIG (QRST’s): I’ve had two highlights so far this summer. One was taking my daughter to see the B-52’s on a Saturday night and then the next day seeing the Beach Boys (her favorite band!). What a contrast in bands —seeing a cool hip old band and seeing an old band. You can decide which is which. The other highlight was going on a whale watch and seeing this one whale breech over and over again (shooting straight out of the water) and making a HUGE splash when it came down. *** PETER C. JOHNSON (Peter C. Johnson): Traveling in Italy, eating wonderful food, and contemplating the demise of our civilization while walking amidst the ruins of ancient Rome. *** JOE KOWALSKI (Onlyone/ Funf): In July, I got to go with my dad, my uncle John, and my brother Jim to Citizens Bank Park in Philly. It was my first trip to the stadium, and we saw the Phillies lose their 10,000th game. It’s a great park. On that trip we also got to see a lot of other family, so that’d have to be a highlight of the summer. *** ROB HUGHES (Charlie): The highlight of my summer was most definitely touring. We went out for two weeks and it was one of the best experiences of my life, you really learn a lot about yourself and your friends/bandmates. We experienced so many things and met so many awesome, kind and genuine people it’s unbelievable. To any band that hasn’t yet had the pleasure of touring I highly recommend it; if you can afford it, it’s not hard to book. You just need time and diligence. *** [MUNK] ([munk]/ Planet Killers): Being a happy newlywed. Rolling like a pimp with the drop top in my new Jeep. Going back to guitar lessons for real and learning humility—GAWD, I suck! *** JAKE HALL (The Self Righteous Brothers): The highlight of my summer, without a doubt, was nursing a stray cat back to health. I found it on my porch nearly starved to death. I brought it inside, warmed it by the fire, and gave it fresh goat’s milk. Over the next few days it regained its strength and became quite energetic. Boy was this cat was SMART! Not only did I teach it to read Braille, but I also taught it to perform fellatio on me. What a giver! Alas, I did what I had to do and set the cat free. I’ll always remember those warm summer nights spent with Ethan. *** ANDY MILK (The Vital Might): I was able to single-handedly resurrect the late-night dance party in many locations: Boston, Cape Cod, Long Island, NYC, San Fran. Goal for this fall is to expand it south and west. *** GREG JACOBS (Verona Downs): Being a rock dad, I’d have to say taking my two boys to my hometown in upstate New York for a long weekend to visit with their cousins. Not too exciting, I know, no booze or chicks, but there was lots of swimming, trampoline jumping, s’mores. And they were so well-behaved on the plane, which was a huge accomplishment. *** CHARO SOFIA (Charo Sofia): The part where it didn’t snow. That was unexpected. Lolita: Charo, you don’t have to worry about snow in the summer anymore. With global warming it will be the heat waves in the winter that may feel strange.

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Rita: But part of living in Boston is having license to complain about the weather, or then again you can just wait five minutes. And now the local news… Hi-N-Dry recording studio is moving over to the Center for Arts at the Armory (191 Highland Ave, Somerville), owned by Nabil and Joseph Sater. The move should be complete in October. *** NICK BLAKEY (The In Out) played bass for THE NIGHTINGALES (from the U.K.) on their European tour this summer. Nick is also booking Church, a new club/restaurant that use to be the Linwood. Contact Nick at churchbooking@gmail.com. *** WILL DALEY performed at the annual Boston Red Sox Picnic in the Park—yes, the park was Fenway—and not in the section of Fenway where the tall reeds are cut out to make little rooms for men to enjoy outdoor sex. *** PURE FICTION played their final gig at the Middle East on 6/30/07. *** After 21 years with Lyons Group, JEFF MARSHALL accepted a new position with the German based Media/ Entertainment Company headed by former Lycos CEO Alfred Tolle. *** KAY HANLEY (Letters to Cleo) is in the running for president of Red Sox Nation. We urge you to vote for her. *** KELLY DAVIDSON (Liz Borden Band) celebrated her birthday by playing the Cantab—she handed her guitar to CHRIS MASCARA to let him smash it to pieces. Then Kelly smashed a guitar piñata that was full of panties. Quite a smashing party. *** HO-AG’s Elektro EP recreates their own tunes using the following tools only: Moog Rogue, Alesis SR-16, MPC, Prophet, Juno 6, Korg Vocoder, HAL Robot Voice, Boss Dr. Sample, and more secret devices. No drums, guitars, or bass. *** ROGER MILLER is giving guitar lessons. This is a major opportuninty for guitarists of all abilities, beginners to advanced students, to improve their understanding of their instrument from a local underground icon. Go to myspace.com/rogercmiller to sign up. *** Anderson Mar of Dark Sky Productions, former talent buyer for the now-defunct Skybar, has accepted the position as branch manager at the Paul Green School of Rock (120 Elm Street, Watertown, MA). *** BRET MILANO’s new book The Sound of Our Town will be available in September. It’s a history of Boston rock ’n’ roll that starts back in the ’50s. *** MIKE GALVIN has opened a new recording studio in Cambridge. Check it out at groovefactorystudios.com. *** “End War Now” by DREAMERS WANTED spent the better part of the summer in Neil Young’s Top 10. Check out neilyoung.com for many anti-war songs. *** CASEY DESMOND picked up an endorsement from Daisy Rock Guitars. *** CHRIS TRAPPER (The Push Stars) wrote “Long Hot Summer” specifically for NESN’s new reality/comedy series Sox Appeal that started airing in August. *** BONE GUNN has filmed for the Fox TV show Fearless Music fearlessmusic.tv that is syndicated to fifty cities across the country and all direct TV customers. The band has also been invited to do a live broadcast on the TV show Evolving Artists. *** In the “we screwed up” department, photographer DOUG DESPRES (pronounced Day-Pray) had his name spelled wrong in July’s Big Shot (previously known as the centerfold). But maybe the mistake was made purposely so we could print another shot from KATE O’BRIEN’s photo shoot. *** FREEZEPOP has made more than 50,000 friends on myspace.com/freezepop. They release Future Future Future Perfect on Sept 25. *** GRAND EVOLUTION lost all their equipment when their rehearsal space, Bernat Mill, burned in a fire on July 21, 2007. *** On August 1, HOORAY FOR EATHER taped a live set and interview for Fearless Music TV (FOX 5 in New York City). *** NEMO is skipping their convention/award event in 2007 to make their 20th anniversary in 2008 bigger and better. *** KALVIN KOOLIDGE apparently has stepped down from the presidency (hoping someone else might get the hint), and changed the name of their band to ROGUE HEROES. Lolita: Can we capitalize the HOPING SOMEONE ELSE MIGHT GET THE HINT please?

{mospagebreak title=BEST REVIEWS}


Rita: How ’bout we balance out the bad reviews our president is getting with the best reviews that local rockers have gotten. Lolita: Sounds good. Okay everybody, get in a single line and let me know about the best review you ever got. JOHNNY BLACK (Stinkin’ Lincolns): After a Johnny & the Jumper Cables gig, some dude came up to me and said “You’re almost good enough to play the blues.” Considering how hard it is the play the blues well, I took it as a supreme compliment. *** CHANDLER TRAVIS (Chandler Travis & the Guys Who Play With Chandler Travis Sometime): I love (and occasionally, under a pseudonym, even write) reviews, and your own Joe Coughlin and Francis DiMenno have written some beauties on us over the years. The most accurate review I ever got was also the first, which covered a Travis Shook & the Club Wow show at Paul’s Mall, maybe even in ’69 (!)—some guy from the Phoenix (sorry, don’t know who offhand) nailed my bass playing as “ham-fisted,” which it has remained to this day. But, damn, we got a spectacular one just yesterday, from Rob Conery of the Cape Cod Chronicle (a writer I’m completely unacquainted with), who said (among other things) that our version of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” on Tarnation & Alastair Sim “…feels like you’ve duct-taped blown 1985 Walkman speakers to your head and had a drunken rhinoceros push you on a rope swing.” *** MIKE LANGLIE (Twink): From an album review at diskant.net: “I kind of like this, if for no other reason than it seems so entirely deranged.” *** ARTO PAYASLIAN (Mishima USA/ The Kent 100s): Pitchfork gave “Hold My Breath” a 7.9 rating, which was really a great treat. Higher than Death Cab For Cutie, The Shins, and The White Stripes! Even though we say those ratings and reviews don’t matter… Thanks Pitchfork! *** MICHAEL EPSTEIN (The Motion Sick/ Okay Thursday): A Herald blogger said that I look like “50 percent Morrissey, 50 percent Woody Allen.” *** SHAUN WOLF WORTIS (Mardi Gras/ Slide): Well, one of the VP’s at Epic said I had the “greatest voice” he’d “ever heard.” I’d have to say it was hyperbole, as Epic didn’t sign us… The Euro version of Rolling Stone said that Slide was better than the Black Crowes. That too may have been hyperbole. Billboard put Wilco and us on their cover, prophesying the next big thing. Again, (alas), hyperbole! I’d have say the best “review” may have been from an old Korean guy who said I reminded him of the shamans he witnessed as a boy in Korea. Now that was pretty cool! *** MIKE COMITE (Sallyboy): I was called a “future Boston rock star waiting to happen” in a live review of Sallyboy at the WBCN High School Battle of the Bands, in March of 2006. *** E. ADAMS (Rock City Crimewave): From a train-hopper punk at a show we played in Ashville, NC, in an abandoned auto dealership: “I just came here to beat people up, but you guys were pretty good, so I danced.” *** DAVE RAND (Robot Goes Here): Best review: “Your music makes me want to set my house on fire beat up my mom then eat woodland creatures but dance while I’m doing… you rock!”—Dan, Revere, MA. *** KRIS THOMPSON (The Lothars/ Concord Ballet Orchestra Players): Hard to pick just one, so I won’t! Reviewing Abunai!’s The Mystic River Sound in Rolling Stone, David Fricke said “you’ll swear it’s midnight at the Boston Tea Party in sweet ’67.” The Playboy review of The Lothars’ Connected said our music “sound(s) like elegies for Martians, or love songs for robots.” And then there was what may have been Joe Couglin’s most bizarre review ever—the one of Abunai!’s Round-Wound in The Noise (#207). 90 percent of it was a violent drug-fueled fantasy, followed by a few short sentences that commented directly on the music. *** CHUCK U. (WMFO/ Urban Ambience): The best review I ever got wasn’t an actual review. I played in this noise/art band called Urban Ambience through the late ’80s and ’90s (with Michael Bloom and Bob McCloskey). We were not a rock band, so our gigs at the Middle East, Johnny D’s, Green Street Station, and other clubs about town did not fare so well. Places like Zeitgeist were much more appealing, as was performances on Access TV and local radio. On one such performance at CCTV, we had lots of live psychedelic effects mixed in. The engineer on duty at the time was blown away by our performance. When we finished, all she could say was, “You guys make me want to smoke pot again.” We took that as a compliment. *** MARTY WHITE (Mr. Curt Ensemble): It was July 30, 2005 and there I was on stage at the Paradise Rock Club, the stage that any aspiring Boston musician dreams to play on. I was playing the thirtieth reunion tour with the legendary Third Rail, me (Mr. Curt), Gary Soprano, Mike (Dog) Powers, David Birmingham, and of course, the man, the myth, the legend, Richard Nolan himself. The next day I read that Third Rail played to a full house and the audience response was overwhelming. It really helps when you have your bandleader writing your reviews. *** DOUG FULLER (The Silver Lining): My best [personal] review was when Jonathan Perry said I was “discreetly superb.” I didn’t know what to think of that at first but then realized that, as a drummer, there is no higher praise. I also think he may have been hitting the bottle when listening to the record… not that there’s anything wrong with that. *** DAVE TREE (SuperPower/ DrugWar): The best recent review I got was from The Noise’s own Mr. Joe Hacking. His first review of SuperPower was his first time seeing us and was very kind. The most recent review shows us he gets what we are trying to do and digs it. Cheers. *** MRS. SLIMEDOG (The Noise): Slimedog once said I was good at sex, he gave me four stars! *** ZORTAR (The Noise): Slimedog once said I was good at (simulated) sex, he gave me four stars! *** SLIMEDOG’S CAT (The Noise): Slimedog once said I was good at sex, he gave me four stars! *** SLIMEDOG (The Noise): Once someone suggested I go fuck myself. In fact, if was a thouroughly enjoyable experience. I gave myself five stars! Lolita: If Slimedog entertains you, you might want to attend the going away party for the Slimedogs at the Abbey Lounge on Friday, September 14 starting at 8:00pm, $7 admission, and there’ll be food. Bands include: Friends of Joe Zippo (Zippo Raid songs), Over the Edge (reunion), Thunderhog (debut), The Dimwits, The Spoilers, Rock City Crimewave, The McGunks, and Bass Camaro.

{mospagebreak title=MUSICAL CHAIRS}


Rita: Bass Camaro—that’s funny—do they have 18 bass players like BANG CAMARO has 18 singers? Lolita: I don’t know, but if I did this would be the place to list their names. Here’s info on other new bands and new band members. 27 lost NEILCOULON to New York City where he’s getting married and they gained TERRI CHRISTOPHER (Maria’s sister) to take Neil’s place on the drums. *** CHRIS MASCARA can be seen filling in on bass with ME&JOANCOLLINS. *** ASGAARD SCIMITAR includes members of TRISTAN DA CUNHA, SHORE LEAVE, and KETMAN. *** MONGREL has added a second guitarist, T.S. MOTH (Transdusk/ x-Hate the Living), and drummer, ED LOGUERCIO (x-Broken Toys). *** DARK MARK WHITE and “CRAZY” EDDIE NOWIK are no longer FUTURE STARLETS (in Gene Dante & the Future Starlets). Taking their place are TAMORA GOODING (Ziaf) and JIM COLLINS (Brett Rosenberg Problem). *** CLOUDS features members of CAVE IN and they’re on Hydrahead Records. *** BILLY BORGIOLI has put together a new VARMINTS with ANDY EXCUSE on bass, DEE STROY on guitar, and JIMMY BIRMINGHAM on drums. *** DrDK has joined LUCRETIA’S DAGGERS on keyboard. *** Lead vocalists SARAH KORVAL has assembled a new OKAY THURSDAY that includes MIKE EPSTEIN on guitar (The Motion Sick), MATT GIRARD on bass (The Motion Sick), TRAVIS RICHTER on drums (The Motion Sick) and NIKKI DESSINGUE on vocals and synth (Where The Land Meets The Sea). *** MATT SANDONATO switched from THE KEVIN MacDONALD BAND to GANG GREEN. *** Drummer TOM LANDERS has joined FOX PASS. *** APUNKALYPSE NOW is SLADE (x-Freeze/ Beefy DC) on guitar, CRAIG ADAMS (x-Dents/ Beefy DC) on bass, PAUL DALENO (x-Mung) on guitar, KEVIN PICKERING (Golden West Motor Lodge/ x-Dents) on drums, and SCOTT MOULAISON (x-Straw Dogs/ Freeze) on vocals. *** After a six-year absence, Portland, Maine’s RUSTIC OVERTONES are back with a CD. *** CHRIS MASCARA has accepted full-time bass duties with ME & JOAN COLLINS. *** AXEMUNKEE is a new eclectic instrumental rock band that features guitarist CATHY CAPOZZI (All The Queen’s Men/ Ziaf), bassist CHRIS FARRELL (AQM, The Charms), electronic percussionist TAMORA GOODING (AQM/ Ziaf), and keyboardist JOEL SIMCHES (Count Zero). *** BLOW YOUR FACE OUT is a J. Geils tribute band starring DEE STROY (Mach 5) and DAVE TREE (Superpower). Lolita: They played at the Model Café and PETER WOLF showed up and sang “Looking For Love” with them.

{mospagebreak title=FREE ADVICE}


Rita: Wow, that’s a good idea to start a tribute band for some local start and hope that they’ll show up at your show. Here’s some other good advice that local rockers have for new people to Boston. PETE SUTTON (Temper): Walk as much as possible… the more you drive around here, the dumber you become… and the T will break your balls the way the Sox break your heart. *** JOEY BOY (Red Invasion): Go see live bands and support DJs who spin rock ’n’ roll, cause “ironic” hipster hip-hop dance parties are over-priced, lame, and filled with tools. Yeah, I said it. *** LINDA VIENS (Angeline/ Cosmic Trigger): The great thing about Boston is the nature right around us a bike ride or short car ride away… spend a day walking around the Mt. Auburn Cemetery, the Arboretum, or Jamaica Pond. Hop in the car and hit Walden Pond, Nastasket Beach, or Rockport. Hike the Blue Hills, the Fells, or the big rocks at Gloucester’s Forge State Park. So much natural beauty, so very close! *** DICK TATE (Middle East/ The Prime Movers): Buy a bicycle and move to Cambridge or Somerville ASAP. *** SUSAN SCOTTI (Last Call Agency): The advice I would give to a new resident of Boston would be to don’t take personally the initial rudeness, coldness, and aloofness you will encounter…eventually you will find your way and that there are lots of great peeps here. Also, don’t stop pronouncing your R’s to fit in. *** SAMMY MIAMI (Shööt The Möön): The blue and red lights over the old John Hancock building downtown forecast the weather. Steady blue: clear view. Flashing blue: clouds due. Steady red: rain ahead. Flashing red: snow instead, except in summer, flashing red means Red Sox are cancelled. *** CHRIS BRAT (The Acro-brats): 20 percent, unless the service was unusually good (or bad). Ha ha—“service.” *** NICK PASTEL (Why Twist the Hair): The advice that I would give to someone new to Boston is to study the history of this place. It becomes that much cooler when you notice that what surrounds you has an absolute and relative meaning to your present life. *** NICOLE TAMMARO (Nicole Tammaro Photography): Don’t shop at Demoulas supermarket, it’s loaded with rude-ass shoppers. Lolita: Oh Nicole, how would you like it if someone said not to use you as a photographer because there was a bunch of rude people at a show you were shooting? We’re sure the people who run Demoulas are not happy with rude people who choose to shop there. Wait a second—I shop there—are you talking about me?

{mospagebreak title=CLUBLAND}


Rita: While Lolita questions her relationship with Nicole, let’s see who’s playing where. WMBR’s Late Risers’ Club celebrates its 30th anniversary at the Basement (Baseball Tavern) on Saturday, 9/8. All your favorite DJs of the ’80s will be there. *** On Monday, 9/10, go to Zuzu for BRETT MILANO’s Birthday Bash. *** CHEATER PINT holds their CD release party on Friday, 9/14, at T.T. the Bear’s with THE GRAVEL PIT and THE FIGGS. *** Same night MassCann and NORML hold an award ceremony at the Bullfinch Yacht Club in preparation for the Freedom Rally on the Boston Common on Saturday, 9/15—be there at high noon (bands listed on page 2). *** We love the Freedom Rally—but if you can possibly head down to Washington D.C. on the 15th to march for peace, we urge you to do so. Buses leave from Northeastern at 10:30 the night before. Go to www.sept15.org for more info. *** On Thursday, 9/20, Ducky Boys play T.T. the Bear’s. *** At the Cantab on Friday, 9/21, MICKEY BLISS continues Club Bohemia and brings you CHAZ & THE LEGENDARY MOTORBIKES. *** If you didn’t get enough Brett Milano’s birthday cake, come to his book release party (The Sounds of Our Town) at the Middle East on Saturday, 9/22, with Willie Alexander, Liz Borden, Asa Brebner (leading house band), Dennis Brennan, Ellie & Joe (The Charms), Andrea Gillis, Robin Lane, Lyres, David Minehan (The Neighborhoods), Muck & the Mires, Nervous Eaters, John Powhida (The Rudds), Andy Pratt, JJ Rassler (The Downbeat 5), and Kevin Stevenson (The Shods). *** FREEZEPOP’s CD release party is at the Middle East on Thursday, 9/27. *** Experience the blues on Friday, 2/28 with the TARBOX RAMBLERS at Johnny D’s. *** Brookline Tai Chi (1615 Beacon St, Brookline) now offers a very eclectic variety of music every Friday night (8:00-10:00). Rita: See you next month with our best Halloween issue ever. Lolita: That’s only because I brought back some real skulls from the Catacombs in Paris. Rita: Need I remind you we only cover Boston skulls in this fanzine. See you next month.

RIP: Mr. Butch (Harold Madison Jr., Sept. 11, 1950 – July 12, 2007) passed away at Brigham & Women’s Hospital after a tragic scooter accident.

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