Mr. Max’s Message: September 2007



Ahhh—a real vacation. I spent 10 days in August exploring Paris and, wow, was it beautiful. I kept a journal and took a lot of photos. Anyone interested in Paris should come over and check out the little slide show I’ve put together.  Besides the regular highlights, the Catacombs were a place that I won’t forget. My photos of the thousand of artfully placed skulls and bones came out quite good because I had a little battery-powered blue light (you couldn’t use flash) that added to the eerie feel of the strange underground tunnels. I’m planning to use one of those photos for the Halloween issue of the Noise.


I’m planning to be a part of the March on Washington D.C. on September 15th. Buses leave from Northeastern University at 10:30pm on the 14th. For more info, call 857-334-5084 or email  I hope you’ll consider joining the many men and women who want to make their voices loud and clear to our government.


This song by Dreamers Wanted (a big slice of the Boston music community) stayed in the top 10 of Neil Young’s chart (of anti-war and topical songs) for most of the summer ( I’ve been writing more songs of this type and will be looking for a recording studio to put together what sounds like the makings of an anti-war rock opera.


It never seemed fair to me that reviewers get the last word about the CDs and live shows that they write about. This function allows you to respond with your opinion by clicking on “comment” after any review or story on the Noise website—you can even respond to this little message—see, to the left, under my address?

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