OUR EYES ON YOU July-Aug 2007

Lolita: I’m going to France!  Rita: Good for you. Lolita: T Max is taking me there. Rita: What!? He didn’t ask me. Lolita: Seems like T wants to experience freedom fries first hand. Rita: But why with you, and not me? Lolita: I guess because I’m blonde. And don’t worry; there are a lot of other places you can go. Rita: Like where? Lolita: Well, we could ask our friendly local rockers for that kind of advice. Our Question of the Month can be—where would you like to tell Rita to go? Rita: Very funny. Go ask people where have they have traveled. And we only need to know about the good places.

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KEN FIELD (Revolutionary Snake Ensemble/Birdsongs of the Mesozoic): I had the opportunity to perform some of my music a month ago in Budapest, Hungary.  It’s quite a beautiful city, and the people I met were incredibly friendly.  I climbed to the top of a hill with a great view of the Danube and the city.  Halfway down I went into a reverberant cavern/chapel where two monks in white robes were chanting prayers.  At the bottom were some very old hot spring baths with beautifully tiled walls, cherub sculptures, and fountains.  The whole thing was pretty magical.  Oh, and the performance was in an old theater where Beethoven had once performed! *** KIER BYRNES (THREE DAY THRESHOLD): I’d recommend traveling to Redbones in Davis Square for the best barbecue and beer selection north of the Mason Dixon line. *** JAKE HALL (The Self Righteous Brothers): If I had to recommend one travel destination, it would have to be Saugus.  I just recently discovered this hidden gem while I was one my way to the Jewelry Exchange in Sudbury.  Turns out this rustic getaway has been right under my nose all along!  During my stay I marveled at the likes of an enormous Salvation Army, a world renowned mini-golf course, and even a Jordan’s Furniture where I ended up spending the night with other travelers who came from as far as Methuen and Dracut.  Looking for adventure Noise readers?  Let Rt. 1 show you the way. *** PETER C. JOHNSON (Peter C. Johnson): To the inner mind. *** LINDA VIENS (Angeline/ Cosmic-Trigger): One of the most joyful experiences in the world is traveling west on lush and green Route 117 out of Waltham to the Dairy Joy in Weston (one of the last, authentic roadside food stands) on a hot summer day and having french fries and hot dogs and a creamy creamsicle soft serve ice cream cone… divine! *** INGE BERGE (Inge Berge): I would very much like to go back to Japan. I had the chance to play my guitar for Tokyo audiences for a five week run of The Who’s Tommy last year, and, man—are those people into music. I’ve been a working musician all my adult life, but never have I felt like a true rock star like the way the Japanese made me feel. Granted, it was a grandiose show of classic material put on by a New York producer—I was just a hired guitar-gun—but the experience led me to believe that my own music would go over big there, too. And I miss the late night convenience store dried octopus snacks. *** BILLY CARL MANCINI (Bird Mancini): Liverpool is it for me.  It’s Mecca for a Beatlehead like myself.  Of course it was raining when I was there but that just added to the mystique. The city is like a giant shrine to The Beatles, rock ’n’ roll and the whole culture of musicians it spawned. *** ALANNA QUINN (Medicated Kisses): I would have to say that one of my favorite places to visit would be San Diego. I went to visit family there last summer and was digging my nails into the walls of the jetway while my father dragged me onto the plane back to Boston. The weather is so perfect even the malls are outdoors. Hit up Coronado Island and you will never want to leave. That is, if you can stand the outrageous conservatism (T-shirts with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face under The Govenator) and inexplicable freezing of time (’97 Blink-182, lip ring, knee length dickie shorts, mid-calf tube socks). *** KAREN DeBIASSE (Girl On Top): I went scuba diving in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  I especially liked the beach at Tulum with the ancient Myan pyramids overlooking.  It is tempting to buy a piece of property there but I’m opting for a new vacation spot each time.  My love for the Caribbean started at seven years of age when my father brought us to Barbados.  I fell in love with all the beauty of the tropical fish, reptiles, enormous plants, warm water and piña coladas. I have also been all over Jamaica and Bermuda. *** CHUCK U. (WMFO/ WMBR): I love San Francisco.  And this being the 20th anniversary of the 20th anniversary (It was 20 years ago today that it was 20 years ago today), the city is planning a season long festival to commemorate the Summer of Love.  If you’ve never been, it’s worth the trip; If you have been, then you know what I mean! *** MICHAEL BLOOM (Tim Mungenast & his Pre-Existing Conditions): Since you mention it, I just got back from a couple weeks in Brazil. I’m quite fond of the city of Recife, which resembles Boston in several ways: it’s in their northeast, it dates back to the early days of European colonization, and it’s actually a double city. Its across-the-river equivalent of Cambridge is called Olinda, and it too is an artsier, funkier, more bohemian community. They have a carnaval that’s less centralized than Rio de Janeiro’s, with giant puppets and street-level art and more general anarchy. Unfortunately, they’re also pretty poor, and there’s not a lot of English. (Gotta work on my Portuguese!) Lolita: It’s good to know that some rockers get out of New England. So how ’bout report some worldly rock news?

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Rita: Doesn’t that mean Rock of the New? Lolita: Yeah… so. Make believe it says Worldly Rock News while you read this:  MUCK & THE MIRES have a new 7-inch 45 of “I’m Down With That” with “One of These Days” and  “All I Really Want To Do is Cry” on the B-side—releasedon Dirty Water Records (London). *** ORCHESTRA LUNA’s 1975 self-titled album has been re-released in the U.K. by Market Square under license from Sony U.K. *** ZIAF is touring through Switzerland and France and will be back in September for the last Boston show. *** MISSION OF BURMA is held in high regard at Mass MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams)—the first thing you see when you pulling to the parking lot is a gigantic banner featuring the band playing live. *** ELI “PAPERBOY” REED & THE TRUE LOVES launched their first national tour in support of their new single, “The Satisfier”/ “It’s Easier.” They’ll be hitting New York, Asbury Park, Albany, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. *** Maybe you can figure out what is missing from the DRESDEN DOLLS’ latest video, “Shores of California.” Give us the right answer and we’ll give you some kinda prize. *** The band of youngsters you called BULLSEYE are now known as WHO SHOT HOLLYWOOD. Check out the live review of them in this issue. *** THE MYSTERY TRAMPS’ “You’re So Alone” was chosen for Boston Song of the Week on WBCN in late May. *** WBZ awarded THREE DAY THRESHOLD with a 2007 WBZ TV “A-List” Award in Arts and Entertainment Awards for Best Stage Presence. *** We thought it was great when T MAX’s DREAMERS WANTED landed “End War Now” into the new listings of NEIL YOUNG’s website (neilyoung.com) but it was even more exciting to see JAKE BRENNAN’s “Sexy Jihad” climb the chart to #12, but then we heard from JEFF CONLEY whose band, TIN CAN TELE, held the #1 spot on that same chart with “Tin Can Call.” Lolita: My favorite song on Neil Young’s Living With War site is “Bring ’Em On” on by JOHN HUGHES. *** Speaking of Neil, he and his superstar buddies Bob and Bruce did their own version of “End War Now” and the question of copyright infringement will have its day in court. Follow the proceedings on myspace.com/dreamerswanted. *** GONE ’TIL NOVEMBER signed a development deal with Epic Records. *** THE ATLANTICS have released Atlantic Live—a recording of their show at the Paradise on 3/25/79. *** Hold True Records put together a series of shows (on July 14, 20, 28, at 16 Greenwood Street in Worcester) to benefit both the Military Kids Emergency Food Program (for military families without food) and the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation (which give scholarships to children of fallen Marines). *** A benefit at P.A.’s was put on for MONA ELLIOT (Victory At Sea) to help pay for her cancer treatments. *** Just heard that the Skybar is closing in July. *** Newly declassified documents show the Ohio Air Force lab asked for $7.5 million in 1994 to develop a chemical weapon that could turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals and make them more interested in sex than fighting. *** RadioShack is using a GIRLS GUNS & GLORY song in their TV commercial that plays during Red Sox games. The song is “Big Man” from the album Pretty Little Wrecking Ball. The commercial shows a man with his family in their car stuck behind a flock of sheep. The man clears the sheep off the road by dialing up a video of a wolf on his cell phone. Then “Big Man” comes on his car radio as he drives away pleased with his accomplishment. *** PAPERMOON got their “Last Laugh” played during a Sox/Rockies game on 6/12/07 that was tied 1-1 in the seventh inning.  Sox won it 2-1. Keep playing that song. *** The Noise has an HD radio show called Rock Around Boston: The Noise Radio Show—on Thursday nights 7:00-9:00pm. Link to it through myspace.com/radioyouboston. JOE COUGHLIN hosted the first one and LEXI KAHN is doing them now.  Lolita: Joe and Lexi play all the Boston-area bands you wish you could always hear on the radio.

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Rita: You mean like SENATOR WHATLEY? Lolita: Well, that’s not exactly what I meant. Rita: I guess you didn’t hear about all the pressure that was put on Senator Whatley to do a reunion by their fan(s). Lolita: Whatley? The senator of what state? Rita: Senator Whatley—the band. I wonder what other bands people would like to see return?  Lolita: How ’bout I just ask them? MAX G (Max G & The Spots): I’d like to see HYBRASIL play a reunion. Christian never plays “Devil’s Luck” with his current band, and I want to hear it. *** JOHN HESS (Awakening Stick/ The Noise): I would most like to see a reunion by TRIBE. Aside from being a great band, they were incredible to watch. My favorite songs are “Jackpot,” “Vigil, Daddy’s Home,” “Outside,” and “Joyride.” But then anything they did was really good. *** CHANDLER TRAVIS (Chandler Travis Philharmonic): CHRISTMAS. *** SAMMY MIAMI (Shööt The Möön): Gööd God, there’s so many. Boston is notorious for harboring bands that almost make it to stardom and then disappear. AXMINSTER, ’TIL TUESDAY, O-POSITIVE, TRIBE, BALL AND PIVOT, BIG CATHOLIC GUILT, GRIP, PURRR… It also has its share of bands that can’t continue or reform due to member deaths. It sickens me to accept the fact that I’ll never have the privilege of hearing BENJAMIN ORR, MARK SANDMAN, or BRAD DELP sing live. On the bright side, all the members of THUNDERTRAIN are alive and well—Mach’s even got a new set of bionic pipes. All aboard! *** AJDA THE TURKISH QUEEN (Black Fortress of Opium): I would cherish a reunion show of THE MOORS. What a thrill it would be to hear them do “Dea Noctu.” *** LIZ BORDEN (The Liz Borden Band): I would love to see HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE play again. They were way ahead of their time. Their vocals and harmonies were unique. Their dancing was choreographed and their lyric content was shocking, beautiful and real. The musicianship was amazing. Casey, Dini, Larry, Wendell, Rich, Malcolm, and Chris, really put on a show. They crossed boundaries that no one else dared and they did it well. “Jackie O” was one of their hits, along with “Butt Fuck” and many more great songs. They got signed but America was not ready for them! *** SAM BIGELOW (Sam Bigelow): Kimon Kirk showed me an early ’80s video of NRBQ headlining at the Paradise with The Incredible Casuals opening. While the crowd looks hilariously dated, the music is timeless. I’ve seen both bands but to see them back in the day— when NRBQ had Big Al Anderson on guitar and the Casuals drummer, Rickie Bates, still went by Vince Valium—just seems like it would’ve been off the charts. I’d love to hear NRBQ do “Green Lights.” *** OEDIPUS (Noise Hall of Fame): Reunions don’t interest me as they can never capture those moments in time when you experienced them and the transcendence of those experiences.  I need and desire to be transported to different realms by new artistic explorers. *** DICK TATE (The Prime Movers/The Middle East): Barry & The Remains, because I missed their last reunion.  I’d love to hear “Why Do I Cry” or “Once Before.” *** SCOTT MATALON (MONOLITH): THE WELL BABIES!  And I’d pay in blood to hear “Wheelchair Jesus” again! *** TONY SCHINELLA (Noise Radio Chart): I would love to see Curious Ritual again and I can think of a slew of songs I would like to hear, including “Bottle,” “Get With It Girl,” “It All Falls,” and so many others. *** DAVID KIRKDORFFER (UNDO): I’d love for THINK TREE and DOGZILLA each to reunite—perhaps they could do a mash-up of “The Moon” and “The Ratman of Paris”? *** JIM COLLINS (The Buckners/ Eddie Japan):  I had the great fortune to see one of Boston’s premier power pop bands, THE CAVEDOGS, play an out-of-town reunion gig (in L.A. at The Troubadour) a few years ago.  I would be so psyched to see another reunion show by these guys, anywhere, anytime.  Although probably not considered by some to be one of their catchiest songs, “Tarzan and His Arrowheads” totally rocks, and is a big live favorite of mine.  Todd Spahr’s opening chordal guitar riff is blistering! Lolita: Yeah, The Cavedogs were one of my favorite Boston bands too. They went on to form a number of bands that got mentioned in…

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Rita: You remember the game where you walk around the chairs while the music is playing? Well, that’s not what we do here at all. Bands break up and the fallen members form new bands. This is where those new bands get mentioned.  MARLENE THOLL put quite an impressive band together for her CD release party in May—DOUG VARGAS, DANNY LEE, JOEY PESCE, and TRISTRAM LOZAW. *** JOYCE RASKIN (x-SCARCE) is back with an outfit called THE LEFTOVERS. *** CORTEZ combines members of FAST ACTIN’ FUSES, SIN CITY CHAINSAW, and SUPER SOUL CHALLENGER and they signed with Buzzville Records. *** JAY ALLEN (Clam Disc) has a new band—JAY ALLEN & THE ARCHCRIMINALS. The Criminals are CHRISSIE DOWNIE and RANDY TARTOW (both Killer Abs). *** PET GENIUS includes members of OCTAVE MUSEUM and THEE ELECTRIC BASTARDS. This may have something to do with OCTAVE MUSEUM breaking up. *** EDDIE JAPAN consists of GEORGE HALL (Dogzilla/ Seks Bomba), CHRIS BARRETT (Christians & Lions/ Logan 5), JASON BALDOCK, DAVID SANTOS, BAT LoPICCOLO (Scatterfield/ Din), and JIM COLLINS (Paula Kelley Orchestra/ Brett Rosenberg Problem). *** ROGER LUSSIER (Appreciation Post) plays with KEVIN FOWLER in  PRESIDENT’S FITNESS. *** AARON BELYEA (Alphabet Arm Design) has released a CD, Nice Guys Finish, with STEPLADDER. *** GARY CHERONE’s latest band is called HURTSMILE. MARKUS CHERONE, JOE PESSIA, and DANA SPELLMAN round out the band. *** CHERYL ETU (Angeline/ Pear), DAVID GELLER (x-Elk/ Pear) and JUDITH HEICHELBECH have formed BITTERS. Lolita: A bitters is a preparation of herbs and citrus dissolved in alcohol. So I guess this band will be fueled by pot, oranges, and whiskey.

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Rita: Isn’t that what I saw you have for breakfast today?  No, I take that back—you didn’t have an orange. Let’s find out what some of our good friends eat in the morning. LIZ LINDER (photographer): Eggs, salsa, tortillas—fried, fresh, warm, and all folded over. *** MR. CURT (Mr. Curt Ensemble): Well, in addition to strong dark coffee, this can have a two-part answer: cereal on workdays or Ms. Donna’s scrumptious frittatas on non-workdays. Since I’m up so early (5:00 am) as a school busdriver, I usually skip early eats, preferring to repast with a bowl of cereal melange when I get home at 10:00 am. When I’m up much later on days off, a million-dollar-omelette stuffed with potatoes, veggies, spices, some meats should suffice until dinnertime. Yowsa and mmmm-mmm good! *** NICOLE TAMMARO (Nicole Tammaro Photography): Portuguse sausage at the neighborhood restaurant in Union Sqare, if I can get by all the barnies that have invaded my hometown and think Somerville is a cooler version of Cambridge… maybe I can get back there soon for a big plate. *** DIANE YOUNG (The Center for Arts in Natick): I love a well-toasted Homestyle Eggo waffle with butter and tons of Vermont Maid maple syrup. *** PETE SUTTON (Temper): Even though I rarely eat in the morning, my favorite morning food is Wheaties… one of the few foods they haven’t fucked with…yet. *** JAKE HALL (The Self Righteous Brothers): The nature of morning foods has really changed since the latest miracle diets have come along.  In the old days, people followed the basic tenets of the mysterious Ancient Egyptian Food Pyramid.  We have now come to learn that this is a very foolish way to eat.  That’s why I South Beach to keep my weight in check.  My associate, Max, has been on the Atkins diet for over five years—and he looks great!  So to answer the question, the perfect morning food? Large meatball sub, extras cheese, no bread.  Oh, and a bag of salt and vinegar chips… but only to smell. *** MICHAEL EPSTEIN (The Motion Sick):  If I eat anything before 11:00 am, it inevitably results in pain and suffering.  I guess I just don’t “get” breakfast. *** DOUG FULLER (The Silver Lining): Without a doubt the best morning food is…well, pretty much anything because breakfast kicks ass.  Going to a good breakfast place and pigging out is better than sex (and I’m talking even good sex).  No, really.  That said, I’d like an omelet with jalapeño cheddar, salsa, and mushrooms and some homefries, thank you very much.  Although a properly grilled [proper] bagel can kick a bit of ass, too.   Can’t go wrong with blueberry pancakes either.  Did I mention waffles? *** MATTHEW MARCHESI (Skybar): My favorite morning food is probably not appropriate for print. I used to get a plain bagel with cream cheese and chocolate milk, but now I always go to Einstein Bros. for a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and a blackberry lemonade. If they toast it, I freak. Don’t toast my bagel! Thank you. *** SARAH KORVAL (Okay Thursday): Egg and cheese wraps. They’re heaven in a burrito, hell on the hips. Fuck the hips, though. I can’t resist the damn things. *** STEPHIE PEEKA (Stephie Peeka & The SeeKing 7): Pancakes—plain or with fruit on them, in them, or around them, pancakes, dang it. And another thing… where the frak have all the IHOPs gone? I have to go to Bourne rotary to get my bloody pancakes. Bad enough the Bickford’s are disappearing. Anyone know where to get pancakes after gigs in Boston at 2:00 am? *** ROGER LUSSIER (The Appreciation Post): I have a corn muffin and some coffee… y’know… keeps me regular. *** ANDERSON MAR (Dark Sky Productions/The Skybar): When cold leftover Hawaiian pizza isn’t an option, IHOP’s Harvest Grain ’n’ Nut Pancakes with butter-pecan syrup washed down with an entire carafe of black coffee seems to do the trick nicely. *** JASON MARCHIONNA (Fluttr Effect): While in the UK, my favorite morning dish was consumed on the last pre-morning/dawn before catching the plane home: Sophi’s beautiful British eggs sunnyside up, a side of Austrailian arse de Claire, and a cup of sexy mother f*&ker on the side (no cream or sugar). *** P. J. O’CONNELL (P. J. O’Connell & the Lords of Eastham): Animal Crackers. You are what you eat. *** MERCYJAMES (Mercy James Gang): In the morning I like black coffee, a tin of Altoids, another black coffee, perhaps some Tic Tacs and an extra large black coffee.  Then later I’ll have another black coffee or two or three or four. *** TIM MUNGENAST (Tim Mungenast & His Preexisting Conditions): I like a nice heaping bowl of hippie food—granola and milk. To me, cereal is better when you can look at it and actually recognize what grain it was made from. I also like depleted uranium nuggets and a big block of flaming goat cheese with one of those magnetic crankcase drain plugs on top. *** SUSAN SCOTTI (Last Call Agency): My morning meal usually consists of two sugar-free Red Bulls… on weekends I do love going to a lazy brunch somewhere for eggs benedict and hash browns though. *** PETE WEISS (The Weisstronauts/ Sool): I really like a fresh chocolate croissant with strong black coffee.  I don’t have it very often, but it’s a pretty potent combo.  Angers up the blood, in a very lovely way. *** SLIMEDOG’S CAT (The Noise): I have diabetes management cat food and crunchies every morning, I also have that every night. But what I would love to have is tuna, turkey, or any kind of meat any time of day. I also eat most vegetables. *** ZORTAR (The Noise): My favorite breakfast food is Cherry Garcia ice cream. I have that everyday along with my diabetes management cat food they seem to complement each other. *** SLIMEDOG (The Noise): I like to have tuna, turkey, or any kind of meat with vegetables for breakfast but usually there’s no food in the house so I settle for diabetes management cat food. Lolita: Don’t remind me of that breakfast you served me. You really know how to get rid of a girl quickly. I’m sorry if Mrs. Slimedog reads this. And tell her I’m also sorry for staining her reception top. Rita: Maybe you should offer to take Mrs. Slimedog out and appologise to her in person.

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Lolita: Well, if she wants to tag along, here’s where I’ll be: THE BIG DISAPPOINTMENTS release their self titled CD at P.A.’s Lounge on Friday, 6/29. *** MASCARA plays KELLY DAVIDSON’s birthday party at the Cantab on Saturday, 6/30. *** LIZ BORDEN BAND  hosts a performance of “End War Now” on Friday, 7/6, at the Baseball Tavern. *** ELI “PAPERBOY” REED is at the Middle East on Tuesday, 7/10. *** KETMAN releases their CD at Great Scott on Thursday, 7/12. *** Assembling Peace V is a benefit for the Greater Boston Stop the Wars Coalition at Spontaneous Celebrations (45 Danforth St., Jamaica Plain) on Friday, 7/13. JIMMY RYAN is one of the many performers. *** TURPENINE BROTHERS play Zuzu on Thursday, 7/19. *** JOHNNY ANGEL (Blackjacks/Thrills) and ROBIN LANE (Robin Lane & the Chartbusters) are on the pub stage at the Abbey Lounge on Saturday, 7/21.*** WORLD’S GREATEST SINNERS invade Johnny D’s on Friday, 7/26. *** Rita: Enjoy summer. Lolita: Enchanté d’avoir fait votre connaissance.

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