Mr. Max’s Message: July-Aug 2007


The Summer Peace issue is done and after I finish distributing it, I get time off before the September issue. This year I’m actually going to go someplace. A friend is renting an apartment in Paris and I’ve been invited to stay there for a short time. I took French in high school so I’m all set if I need to find a library—ou est la bibliotheque? But I may need to know more than that to get around. Please share any tips that you think might enhance my stay in the city of lights.


Before I hop the big pond I’ve got some shows lined up to perform “End War Now” with Shawn Marquis and Michael Bloom (the basic band of Dreamers Wanted).

On Friday, July 6 at the Baseball Tavern, The Liz Borden Band asked Dreamers Wanted to join them on stage to sing the song that Young, Dylan, and Springsteen have already covered (click on the third song at Besides The Liz Borden Band, Muck & the Mires (straight from their European tour) and The Illegals are on the bill.

Then on Friday, July 13, Brian O’Connell invited Dreamers Wanted to be a part of Assembling Peace V—an alternative, fun and energizing anti-war event/party/mixer/concert (to benefit the Greater Boston Stop the Wars Coalition) at Spontaneous Celebrations (45 Danforth St., Jamaica Plain). The party is hoppin’ with Jimmy Ryan, The Gary Backstrom Band (ex-Jiggle the Handle), The Grass Gyspys, Andrew Alexander, Nicolas Despo and more. Everything gets started at 7:00.


Check out the new layout of the Noise Board. We’ve separated the music forum so you can go there and talk about music without someone interrupting you with his or her sock fetish. It’s a much friendlier place now.

Don’t forget that you can respond to any of the reviews on our website using Readers Respo. It never seemed fair to me that reviewers get the last word about the CDs and live shows that they write about. This function allows you to respond with your opinion.

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