Lolita: June marks the beginning of summer—a time to relax and take off your clothes. Rita: Don’t forget Father’s Day. Lolita: It’s also a great time to curl up on the couch in your underwear and watch the Red Sox win another one. Rita: Father’s Day is a Sunday right in the middle of the month. Lolita: Or go to Fenway Park and see how much of a disturbance you can make by stripping down to your underwear. Rita: Father’s Day—June 17th—mark it on your calendar. Lolita: Maybe we should ask a Question of the Month about that. Rita: Good idea. Lolita: How ’bout, what percentage of your time during the summer are you naked? Rita: No! We’re going to ask a question about fathers! T Max: Excuse me, but besides fathers, Red Sox, and nakedness, I’d like to add some political views to the column. Rita and Lolita, you can go about your business with the Questions of the Month, rock shoes, musical cherries, or whatever, and I’ll just insert some quotes that connect to the End War Now project. Rita: Okay, Mr. Peacenick, but don’t get in our way. Lolita, for the Question of the Month, go ask the members of Boston’s rock community to tell you something about his or her father.

{mospagebreak title=FATHERS DAY}

In war, truth is the first casualty. ~Aeschylus


Lolita: Okay, T Max, get off my lap, unless you’re going to tell me something about your father. Oooo, get up! There goes Peter C. Johnson—Peter, tell me something about your dad… PETER C. JOHNSON (Peter C. Johnson): My father had one leg and played a mean armchair trombone. He’s long gone now, but I think of him every day. *** TRACEY STARK (WZBC): My father recently called and told me that he had figured out what “Cinco de Mayo” meant! (He’s lived in Colorado for 20 years!) *** ROGER C. MILLER (Mission of Burma): My father (Robert Rush Miller) was, perhaps, a tad bit gonked. But he was a motherfucker of a naturalist. His specialty was fish that lived in the desert (which is where I got most of my chord progressions). His life’s work, released five years after his death, is titled Freshwater Fishes of Mexico (University of Chicago Press) and is a major ecological tract. I generally got along with him really well, but, as with anyone one loves, there were inconsistencies. *** JAKE ZAVRACKY (The Cyanide Valentine): When I think about all the things my dad had accomplished by the time he was my age, it makes me feel like a complete asshole. He had a wife, three kids, owned a house and two cars, was working full time and going to grad school to get his Ph.D. in physics, he could fix anything electronic, build anything out of wood, make his own computers (this was in the ’70s) and he still had time to read us The Hobbit. He’s my hero. *** KEN FIELD (Revolutionary Snake Ensemble/ Birdsongs of the Mesozoic): One of my father’s favorite sayings was, “Great minds run in the same gutter.” Another one was, “You can lead a horse to drink, but you can’t make it water.” *** END WAR NOWWar is organized murder and torture against our brothers. ~Alfred Adler *** SAL CLEMENTE (Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra): My father, Alex, was an artist—barrel-chested Roman general with a fiery temper and ice-blue eyes. I hope someday to be able to turn a phrase like he could, paint a picture like he could, and make women laugh like he could. He gave me the best advice I could have received—always just when I needed to hear it and with the only words I probably would have heard: “listen to your gut,” ‘tell your kids the truth, even if you know they won’t understand,” “just do the work.” I hear his voice in my head every day. *** CASEY DESMOND (Casey Desmond): My father is the love of my life. *** ROSS JACKSON (Cemetery Superfly): My father is a lot like Fred Sanford from Sanford & Son. He can be a real pain in the neck most of the time but when you really need him for something he comes through. *** DARRON BURKE (Blanketeer/ Makeshift Studio): I call my dad Captain Dropcloth because while cleaning his apartment we came across a lot of shower curtains, sheets and blankets and stuff that that he was hoarding. He kept them in case he needed to “do some painting.” There were so many that it bordered on mania. But, I’m his son and I’ve got the collecting gene too. I’m definitely a trash hunter and I love it. I’ve found a lot of great stuff in the trash—even collectible vintage audio gear that I use in my studio. Maybe I should record a Captain Dropcloth album—ha ha ha. *** KAREN DeBIASSE (Girl On Top): My dad is the hardest working person I have ever met in my life. He gets up at 5:30 and works ’til late at night. He’s a workaholic. When he’s not working he still never stops. He loves his boat and fishing and taking care of the house. He is a great man that even when the chips are down he never complains and always keeps positive. He is a man to be admired. Seventy years old and still going at a faster pace than most people a quarter of his age. *** END WAR NOWA nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom. ~Martin Luther King, Jr. *** ERIC DOBERMAN (Doug MacDonald Band): My father was a deadbeat dad, a good Marine who became a very bad civilian. Never knew him. What’s funny though is that I inherited his odd and extreme aversion to wearing wristwatches without ever having been able to learn it from him. *** DICK TATE (The Prime Movers/ Middle East): Contrary to popular belief, he is not Satan. *** STEPHIE PEEKA (Stephie Peeka & The SeeKing 7): My dad is watching the Sox game right now in the other room…“get him outta there!” Glad they are playing good because our beloved Bruins suck Jeremy Jacobs lousy-owner ass. My dad enjoyed Bobby Orr and the Cup winning years first hand. Now I’m a sucker and I still go, although in the cheap seats, to see the Bruins with my nephew and have to play the “they get scored on, you must eat a jalapena” game to keep it interesting. I wish I could say, “Happy Father’s Day dad. The Bruins got new owners!” *** JONATHAN PERRY (Boston Globe): My dad died in July 2004 after a brave two-year battle with cancer that was supposed to claim him within months. What lives on are my memories of his kind, generous spirit, unwavering belief in the essential good in people, and his steadfast encouragement that my brother and I pursue our dreams. He was also a published playwright, gifted stage actor, and—arcane trivia alert!—the 1981 New England cribbage champion who let me carry his trophy, big and shiny as a ‘57 Buick, on the way home. A ridiculously handsome devil too (the man not the trophy, though the trophy was pretty good-looking too). *** SHAUN WOLF WORTIS (Gato Malo): My dad is a very well known children’s book author. Anyone who has kids who read would know him. He lives in Colorado. ***END WAR NOW Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world—indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Mead *** RODRIGO VAN STOLI (Noble Rot/Bang Camaro): As a kid in Rio, my dad was my link to the rest of the world. He worked for an airline, so he’d always bring back the coolest toys and gadgets for me and my brother. When the first digital watches came out (you had to push the button on the side to see the time—yeah I’m that old), we were the first to have them at our school. He always made sure we had the latest Star Wars action figures, as well as tons of love. My dad is pretty much awesome. My mom might disagree, though. *** LAURAN O’NEAL (Cheater Pint): My dad was a pretty cool dude. When I was 15 he quit his job and opened a diner. My entire family worked there, my four sisters, three brothers, and me. The locals used to come in and sit at the counter, drink coffee, and watch the freak show… my dad holding court behind the counter telling jokes… lots of yelling and chaos going on. He’d always say, “ya know Laurie, there’s nothing like family, someday you’re gonna wish you were back here.” I’d give him the “yeah, right.” He was right. *** NATE DIGGITY (Scamper): My dad is amazing. He can construct the ductwork for a central heating system out of empty beer cans. He can take a box of wires and make a computer. He can build the foundation of a house, hang sheetrock, fashion crown moldings, lay pipework and tap into the county water system, then get up a six o’clock the next morning and spend eight hours creating software to measure the velocity of dust particles in a vacuum. He’s the most talented human being to walk the earth since Jesus, and he does it all while half in the bag on Coors Lite. *** END WAR NOW Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. ~John F. Kennedy *** MARK SIMON (Cheater Pint): My dad decided to mow his big back yard in a small country town. He lost control of the riding lawnmower whilst traveling downhill, was propelled over an embankment, and landed miraculously upright in the middle of a stream. He walked away unscathed but had to get help to remove the mower. The next day he arrived at work and everyone asked him “Hey, Pete, wanna mow my lawn?” *** WALTER SICKERT (Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys): When I was born my father built a ship and we sailed for years. My earliest memories consist of the smell of salt water the sounds of gulls and the crashing of waves. Then one day the boat caught fire and we moved to land. *** JON HOLLAND (Forgetful Jones): My father is in many ways responsible for me becoming involved in music. Riding around in his truck with him as a kid I was exposed to a variety of classic rock such as Zepplin, Hendrix, etc. As a child, these sounds and the energy behind them entranced me. I was hooked. When I was ten, he was fully behind my learning guitar and has supported my life’s devotion to playing music. My proudest moment was when he was in the front of the crowd watching Forgetful Jones open up for Alice in Chains at the Tweeter Center last August. Lolita: T Max, would you like to lead us into our next section? T Max: Sure, what is it? Rock shoes?

{mospagebreak title=ROCK NEWS}

What is absurd and monstrous about war
is that men who have no personal quarrel
should be trained to murder one another in cold blood.

~Aldous Huxley

Tim Sheeran - Township


Rita: Well, rock shoes is close. Here are people in the news who do wear shoes. AMANDA PALMER (Dresden Dolls) is taking on her first solo effort, which will be produced by Ben Folds in his studio in Nashville, TN. Watch for it in 2008. THE DRESDEN DOLLS’ London Roundhouse DVD will be ready for the summer. You can pre-order it now. *** THE LOTHARS have gotten some airplay on WGBH around an interview with CHRISTPHER LYDON—the same guy that AMANDA PALMER (Dresden Dolls) wrote a song about. In a related story, JON BERNHARDT (The Lothars) was whisked out to L.A. by White Castle for a couple of YouTube ads (Theramin 1 and 2). They’re pretty funny. *** BANG CAMARO has been picked up by New York City’s The Agency Group for booking. The Agency Group already books Van Halen, New York Dolls, Motörhead. Playgirl magazine plans a feature on Bang Camaro in their September issue. Rolling Stone online has lined up a feature on the band as one of the top emerging bands in the country. Their hit song, “Push Push (Lady Lightning),” will be heard on theMTV Movie Awards showon Sunday, June 3rd. The song, also featured on Guitar Hero II, will be played during the Best Kiss Nomination. *** Matador plans a fall ’07 back catalog reissue of MISSION OF BURMA material. *** School of Groove (883 Cambridge St. Cambridge) is a new contemporary music school offering private instruction, band rehearsals, and classes to students of all ages, instruments, and stylistic preferences. Call Christopher Vuk—(617) 868-1118. *** VALERIE THOMPSON (Fluttr Effect) scored the short film, Bonylil’s Creation, that showed at the Regent theatre in May. And for those who believed Valerie had quit her band, boyfriend, and Boston—it was an April Fool’s joke. *** While MUCK & THE MIRES tour Europe they’ll stop in Scotland to record their next album with legendary producer Kim Fowley! *** THE BOSTON BABYDOLLS have teamed up with California publisher 10 Quick Steps to create a series of burlesque-related home-instruction guides. They’re available through 10QuickSteps.com for $20. *** Check out JEFF ROYDS’ website bostongaragebands.com. He’s supporting local music by producing podcast of bands and posting them on his site. *** Naked Ear Records signed THE MOTION SICK to a single album deal after the band won the WAAF Last Band Standing battle of the bands. *** For those of you who travel by bike, a new safety map is in the making at therightride.org. It’s worth taking a look if you enjoy staying alive. Two young Boston bicyclists died recently in one weekend. *** For the first time in 15 years officially sanctioned Rathskeller T-shirts are on sale through QRST’s.com. *** First class postage for mailing copies of The Noise rose 151 pecent on 5/14/07. That upped our subscription rate is $22 (includes nine print issues and one online issue in March). Other Noise news—our Noise Board (thenoiseboard.com) has been overhauled and we have a separate forum for talk purely about music. Remember that you can respond to any reviews on thenoise-boston.com by using the Reader’s Respo™ function. *** WBOS (92.9fm) has a new local music program called WBOS Boston Music Sunday where a local song is played once every hour between 7:00am to 11:00pm. The station is also mixing local artists into their weekday features when appropriate. *** HAL CRAGIN created the soundtrack for the documentary Flesh & Blood by LARRY SILVERMAN (Sally Cragin’s ex-husband). Catch the showing of this bizarre surgery documentary at the AMC Boston Common theatre on June 9th at 10:30. *** WMFO’s On the Town with Mikey Dee is looking for a volunteer engineer to assist on the show (Wednesday 9:00 to midnight). Contact: myspace.com/onthetown. *** One of THE BOSTON BABYDOLLS is going to be on a reality TV show (we can’t yet tell you which Babydoll or which TV show). *** Speaking of TV shows, Rocker Moms has been airing in Canada and the all female band, HRT, from Sharon, MA, is dreaming about opening for BANG CAMARO. Lolita: Something sounds dangerous about getting those two bands together.

{mospagebreak title=SUMMER SONGS}

It is my conviction that killing
under the cloak of war
is nothing but an act of murder.
~Albert Einstein


Rita: BANG CAMARO and HRT in the same place could create a hormonal revolution. Summertime is a great time for a revolution. But what are your favorite summer songs? Lolita: I get it. I’ll go ask our fellow rockers for their favorite local and national summer song. MARLANE PINKOWITZ (HRT): My favorite local song is “Psychedelia in A” (Emily Grogan) and my favorite national song is “Soul Singing” (Black Crowes). *** IZZY MAXWELL (Count Zero): “Blue Summer Sunshine” by Jack Drag, and “Summertime Rolls” by Porno for Pyros. *** JOHN HESS (Awakening Stick/ The Noise): My favorite local summertime song is The Neighborhoods’ cover of “Southern Girls.” I love cranking it really loud and singing along to it. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a hot, sunny day. I could listen to it over and over cruisin’ the coastline from Nantasket to Hampton Beach. My favorite summertime national tune is “Scarlet Begonias” by The Grateful Dead. The first time I hear it in the late spring, I know that summer is on its way. I couldn’t listen to it anytime of the year except from late April until August. *** CORIN ASHLEY (Corin Ashley): My favorite local one is the old Gigolo Aunts number “The Sun Always Shines In Somerville,” and nationally, I’ve always had a soft spot for “Hot Fun In The Summertime” (Sly & the Family Stone). That said, I cried to “Boys of Summer” once when I was really drunk. *** LINDA VIENS (Angeline/ Cosmic-Trigger): My favorite local summer song is gonna be a song I wrote last night called “No Regrets” that has a killer, unapologetically uplifting chorus, and my favorite national song is “Best Day Ever” by Spongebob Squarepants. Ruby and I can’t stop singing it! *** LEATHER VIC (Shööt The Möön): Gotta’ go with “Sailing” by Christopher Cross. I don’t know if it’s an official summer song, but it sure as hell feels like it when I hear it. Or, “Summertime” by Will Smith, just because. Local song? I’ve got nothing, sorry… Lolita: Leather, you’re going to have to do your local music homework if you want to be in these pages. *** ANNGELLE WOOD (WZLX/ WMFO):Everything on Wheat’s Medeiros, especially “Summer” and “Karmic Episodes” and Thin Lizzy’s “Dancing in the Moonlight” and “Downtown Sundown” off Bad Reputation. I can never just pick one; each is a pure delight. *** MR. CURT (Mr. Curt Ensemble): Locally, let me offer one of my tunes, “Summer is the Season of Dreams,” which I wrote for Mr. C’s Camaraderie in late ’80s. I name check Buzzard’s Bay, Cape Cod, Orlando, and Akumal. Actually, it’s pretty cool. Nationally, how ’bout “Add Some Music to Your Day” by the Beach Boys, the ultimate summer group? To quote Brian Wilson: “music, when you’re alone, is like a companion for your very soul—ooh, ooh, ooh!” Too true, indeed. *** SAMMY MIAMI (Shööt The Möön) Vic! What about “Summer” by Sweet Cheater, “Summertime” by Bang, and let’s not forget Phoebe Cates coming out of the pool to “Moving In Stereo” by The Cars in Fast Times At Ridgemont High. That’s local and national. *** CHUCK U. (WMFO/ WMBR): My two favorite summer songs are both local so I’ll guess I’m cheating a bit… but if I don’t do a national one, then that’s still two songs. They are The Future Dads’ “Dorchester Summer” (way back in the early 1980s) and Mr. Curt’s “Summer is the Season of Dreams.” Lolita: Chuck, that’s wonderful that you’d rather give us two local songs.

{mospagebreak title=MUSICAL CHAIRS}

Wars are not paid for in wartime, the bill comes later.
~Benjamin Franklin


Rita: It would be good if we could clone Chuck a few thousand times to beef up love for the local music scene. Here now is the movement of musicians between bands. CHRIS BLUE (Rock Bottom/ Georgia Overdrive) has filled the shoes of BRETT ROSENBERG in THE RUDDS. Catch them at Tommy Doyle’s in Cambridge on Wednesday, 6/23/07. *** HILKEN MANCINI has put together SHEPARDESESS that includes MIKE SAVAGE (drums), WINSTON BRAMAN (bass) and EMILY ARKIN (violin). They’ve already released a CD (on Kimchee) that includes a guest appearance by THALIA ZEDEK singing a Dylan song. *** WILD ZERO has finally consecrated their line up adding DAMIEN PIANKA (x-Coffin Lids) on drums, and IYAD on bass when they recorded at New Alliance with MARK SCHLEICHER (Coke Dealer/ Quintaine Americana). *** THE DENTS have played their final gig. Their show at the Abbey on May 11 was their last. *** UNBUSTED has added JIM BUCKEY (x-Eyes Like Knives). *** Bassist LEEANNE and guitarist ELENA are no longer part of VAGIANT. *** TIM FERREL and PAUL WISNER (both x-Ultrabreakfast) have put together MISKATONIC. Lolita: Tim and Paul attended Miskatonic University in Arkham—that’s where they got the strange name. But most people don’t know that they were caught cheating on a chemistry exam and expelled by Professor Ellery. *** LUCRETIA’S DAGGERS has added three new members recent—IODINE (x-Cookie & a Toy) on bass, KELLY GODSHALL (Amber Spyglass) on backup vocals, and ELUCID on lead guitar. The band is still looking for a keyboard player to add to their dark lyrical electro-rock lineup. Contact lucretiasdaggers@rcn.com.*** RED TIDE AT DAWN combines MICHELLE “MOTHRA” MILIETTE (Papercut Zine Library), GEORGIA YOUNG (World’s Greatest Sinners/ Reverend Glasseye), and JAMES BROCKMAN (The Hidden). *** Rita: There’s a band in town that has changed its name to ROADSTEAMER. All the members, Robby, Nick, Pete, Ray and Jay have changed their last names to Roadsteamer. Who could they be? Lolita: That could be anyone. My gut feeling says it’s The Dresden Dolls.

{mospagebreak title=RED SOX}

All we are saying is give peace a chance.
~John Lennon


Rita: That quote should be, “All we are saying is give me a break” in response to Lolita’s gut feeling. Now, Lolita, get out there and ask some rockers to give you their gut feeling and a prediction about the Red Sox this year. Lolita: Hold on, let me put on my catcher’s mitt to grab these flying gyroball answers. POKEMONOJEFF (Lyres): The Red Sox will intercept two passes and score three field goals in the third quarter. *** LIZ BORDEN (The Liz Borden Band/ WAAF): I lack vast sports knowledge but I do love those Red Sox. I would like to predict another World Series win. Why? Can you imagine seeing it twice in your lifetime? Everyone said we wouldn’t see it once. The city went crazy. People were in very good moods for quite a while. It was awesome. We owe it to those that were the fans before us that never lived to see the one win. Also, the real reason for the win—there were some awesome parties! *** TAMMY ROBBINS (HRT): I predict that I will NOT sleep with Gabe Kapler this summer. Lolita: I’m sure the rest of the team is looking forward to your visit to the locker room. *** MARTIN DOYLE (The Baseball Tavern): Boston Red Sox lose two out of three to The Police at Fenway Park, after Sting is knocked out by Varitek in a bench clearing brawl, Harris the band pinch hits, and everybody decides that Harris plays The Police better than The Police at The Basement July 28th and 29th… I kid you not, Harris covers The Police… at The Baseball Tavern! During The Police concerts. *** P. J. O’CONNELL (P.J. O’Connell): I predict that someone on the pitching staff will steal Johnny Damon’s guitar from the Yankee locker room. *** MATT FARLEY (Moes Haven): The Red Sox will win 13 of their 18 regular season games against the Yankees this season. *** DENNY MAFFEO (Plasma Factory): I’m going to piss off a lot of people, but I think the Sox will choke in the fall. Lolita: Your first statement is correct. And I predict that I will demonstrate to you what choking is really about.

{mospagebreak title=CLUBLAND}

Whenever you are confronted with an opponent.
Conquer him with love. ~Mahatma Gandhi


Rita: Looks like Lolita needs to take some advice from Gandhi. Lolita: But it’s my turn to give advice. Here are some bands you should see. Join me in conquering them with love. HUMANWINE plays the Middle East on Friday, 6/1. *** THE BAGS release Mount Rockmore at T.T.’s on Saturday, 6/2. *** RED INVASION headlines the Baseball Tavern on Wednesday, 6/6. *** BULLSEYE, a band of 11 and 12 year olds, will release Into the Exit on Friday, 6/8, at the Middle East, and open for THE FLESHTONES and THE DOWNBEAT 5. *** On Saturday, June 6/9, DREAMCHILD headlines the 15th anniversary celebration for WMBR’s Bats in the Belfry at the Skybar. *** Same night APOLLO SUNSHINE plans to slam dunk comets down stopped up sewer drains at the Middle East Downstairs. *** CHANDLER TRAVIS PHILHARMONIC’s CD release party at Johnny D’s ignites on Friday, 6/15. *** Same club five days later (Wednesday 6.20)—ANGELINE plays a benefit for Tom Taylor. *** MICKEY BLISS’s Club Bohemia moves to the Cantab on Friday, 6/22, with THE CELLO CHIX on top of the bill. *** On Saturday, 6/23, you can ride Bessy the mechanical bull at THREE DAY THRESHOLD’s CD release party at the Cambridge Elks Lodge (55 Bishop Allen Drive). *** Same night ROADSTEAMER drops I’ll Be At Your Funeral at the Paradise. *** Head down to the Cape to catch THE PRIME MOVERS on Friday, 6/29, at the Wellfleet Beachcomber. *** On Saturday, 6/30, ELI “PAPERBOY” REED joins SOUL-LE-LU-JAH at Zuzu, Lolita: See you in the clubs… Rita: And at the outdoor concerts… T Max: Don’t forget the peace rallies!

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