Mr. Max’s Message – June 2007


“End War Now” (the Boston music community recording) is being manufactured for copies to be made available to the media. Go to to hear the final mix.

mrMax-photo.jpgLook at the list of local luminaries who are involved with this project:

John Powhida (The Rudds)
Emily Grogan (Emily Grogan)
Michael Bloom (Tim Mungenast & His Pre-Existing Conditions)
Andrea Gillis (Andrea Gillis)
Mick Mondo (…& Streaker)
Linda Viens (Angeline)
Casey Desmond (Casey Desmond)
Peter C. Johnson (Peter C. Johnson)
Kelly Knapp (The Darlings)
Corin Ashley (Corin Ashley)
Chris Mascara (Mascara)
Jordan Valentine (World's Greatest Sinners)
Maria Christopher (27)
Karen DeBiasse (Girl on Top)
Sue Minichiello (My Own Worst Enemy)
Michelle Paulhus (The Dents)
Ad Frank (…& the Fast Easy Women)
Mr. Curt (Mr. Curt Ensemble)
Kier Byrnes (Three Day Threshold)
Liz Borden (The Liz Borden Band)
Vikki Sixx (Sugabomb)
Simon Ritt (The Darlings)
John Hess (Awakening Stick)
Ayal Naor (27)
David Simmons (Girl on Top)
Jim Collins (Brett Rosenberg Problem)
Joel Simches (Black Fortress of Opium)
David Kirkdoffer (UNDO)
Dee Story (Boilermaker)
Ajda the Turkish Queen (Black Fortress of Opium)
Carol Namkoong (Take You Higher)
Izzy Maxwell (Count Zero)
Leeanne Williams (ex-Vagiant)
Valerie Kahn-Dorato (Killer Circus Pups)
Suzanne Barnes (Mass Art)
Rachael Ieszenberg (Tickle Fingers)
Ruby Viens (Linda Viens’ daughter)
Lily Grogan (Emily Grogan’s daughter)
Sophia Grogan (Emily Grogan’s daughter)
Shawn Marquis (The Church of Flying Dreams)
T Max (The Noise)
Roger Miller (Mission of Burma) – lead guitar
Rick Berlin (Rick Berlin) – piano
Valerie Thompson (Fluttr Effect) – cello
Shawn Marquis (The Church of Flying Dreams) – drums/percussion
Joe Kowalski (onlyone) – bass
Carol Namkoong (Take You Higher) – keyboard
Billy Conway (Twinemen) – cymbal
T Max (The Noise) – electric and acoustic guitars/ glockenspiel
Dana Colley (Twinemen) – baritone sax
Ken Field (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic) – alto sax
John Beaudette (Destroy Babylon) – trumpet
Scott Getchell (The Bad art Ensemble) – French horn
Corie Steinman (Lazy Cat Quintet) – French horn
T Max – producer/song author/props/CD design
Billy Conway – studio manager
Matt Malikowski – sound engineer (mix and recording)
Jabe Beyer – sound engineer
Dan Cardinal – sound engineer
Ben Gruba – studio assistant
Taylor Barefoot – sound engineer
Paul Voitkus – studio assistant
Jonathan Wyner – mastering
Ken Cmar – manufacturing
Tim Casey – video production/camera work
Artie Freedman – camera work
Chuck Rosina – camera work
Diane Andronica – camera work
Ms Donna – camera work
Mr. Curt – camera work/photography
Mach Bell – camera work (at rehearsal)
Kelly Davidson – photography
Liz Linder – photography
Catherine Carter – photography
ARTISTS (at Hi-n-Dry)
Ed Colley
Asa Brebner
Dave Tree
Suzanne Barnes – props for Hi-n-Dry, lyric assistance
Joe Kowalski – demo recording
Lexi Kahn – extra vocals on demo
Valerie Kahn-Dorato – lyric assistance
Mr. Curt – effective song critique
Carol Namkoong – effective song critique
Maria DeFelice – promtion
Stuart Freedman – video footage supplier

Thanks to everyone who helped make the project possible.
Keep an ear out for “End War Now” parties and events.

T Max




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