Mr. Max’s Message


Ahh, 44 singers showed up to be apart of the choir and lead vocal tracks on April 15th at Hi-n-Dry. We’ve got 59 tracks of music and vocals that sound great, but I’m still looking to improve the song with a surprise in the ending. By the time this song is mixed, we’ll be involved in another Middle East war. Just joking—but the real possibility makes it not funny.  Go to to hear the demo of “End War Now” so you’ll be familiar with the tune before you hear the Boston Warriors Against War version.


The profits from sales in the Peace Logic section of the Noise Store directly support End War Now.  The coming months will hopefully be known as the Summer of Peace, so be prepared—show your colors. Wear peace products (pins, T-shirts, and undies—coming soon) and attend anti-war events. Drink from peace mugs and play your protest songs with a peace pick. Support End War Now. Put your soul behind ending this mistake-of-a-war before another soldier unnecessarily returns home in a box. This is serious shit.


On the lighter side of life—if you’re interested in getting out on the field to run around and lose some of that winter beer-gut, let me know ( and I’ll put you on our softball contact list. This year I believe we’ll be playing on Saturdays, 1:30, at the Memorial Drive field (on the Cambridge side on the BU Bridge, right along the Charles). Everyone’s invite—the level of play ranges from piss-poor to not bad. We’re all there to have fun–so come on out and be part of the team.

T Max

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