OUR EYES ON YOU April 2007

Rita and Lolita

Lolita: Is everybody ready to rumble?  Rita: Not really. Lolita: What? Rita: My boyfriend and I broke up and I’m not really in the mood to rumble. Lolita: Well, you can sit at home and sulk or you can go out to the clubs…  Rita: And sulk? Sorry I’d rather sulk in private. Just leave me alone.  Lolita: Okay, well, I guess I’ll be writing most of the column by myself this month.  I wonder if I can get T Max to make my name a little bigger in the heading. Okay, let’s see, we usually start off by coming up with a Question of the Month. How ’bout, “How do you react when your relationship falls apart?” No, that sounds too personal.  Then how about, “Do you sulk at home or do you go out to the clubs to sulk?” No, that just sounds lame. Rita, come on, give me some help. Rita: Ask them for a story about the Rumble.

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Heidi Lee


Lolita: Yeah, I’ll ask them to tell me their favorite story about the Rumble. I knew I could come up with a good question. Go… LEAH CALLAHAN (The Glass Set): The whole Rumble curse is fascinating. For those who don’t know, the story goes that if you win the Rumble you’re doomed to obscurity, break up, etc. And I think it’s both cool and scary that The Dresden Dolls enacted a big on-stage ritual to reverse that curse when they did their final set of the 2003 Rumble. Obviously it worked—now if I could only see Amanda Palmer’s collection of voodoo dolls! *** LENNY LASHLEY (Darkbuster/ Pisspoor Boys): Favorite Rumble story? We won—end of story. *** PETE SUTTON (Temper): I only remember a couple of things about winning the Rumble with Trona back in ’95 (or was it ’96, see?).  We were up against Quintaine Americana and the voting was close. We edged them out, and someone said one of the judges, Karen Glauber from Hits magazine (is that still in publication?) cast the deciding vote in our favor.  I’ll always remember her name because I never got to thank her. Also, we partied like kings that night and played a previously booked gig the following night in Portsmouth, New Hampshire… to three people.  It was as if the Rumble win had never happened. *** CHRIS BRAT (The Acrobrats): When I was 18, Yukki Gipe told everyone at the Middle East that he knew who would win the Rumble.  “Do you want to know?” he asked. “Braindance!”  Pretty sure they didn’t win.  I’ve never heard of Braindance.  Notice how I sort of managed to reference Bullet LaVolta, though?  I’m good like that.  Next time I get a QotM I’ll sneak in a Joan Jett reference.  She didn’t win the Rumble either. *** RODRIGO VAN STOLI (Bang Camaro/ Noble Rot): My first time seeing Waltham was at the Rumble finals in 2000. I had just moved to Boston at the end of 1998, and had been a little disappointed at the crowd reaction at local shows—until I saw them. They blew the roof off the place: girls were screaming, dudes were screaming, panties were being flung on stage. The musicians were actually really good at their instruments, and Frank Pino ruled the crowd. They ended up with second place, but it didn’t matter—my faith in the local scene had been restored. *** TONY SAVARINO (World Greatest Sinners/ et al): When I realized that a certain singer, from a certain band, won a certain Rumble I was present for, he was a downstairs neighbor who lived with a bunch of hippies that had fracking drum circles at 3:00 in the morning. The poor lead singer had to deal with an annoyed Tony when he was woken up…. We both had a good laugh over it. *** KAY HANLEY (Suit):I got into a fight backstage (that almost came to blows) with Jordan from Big Catholic Guilt in between our sets when Cleo was in the 1992 (!) Rumble.  I was still in my bar fight phase back then (I’m from Dorchester after all) and I think he antagonized me by belittling the twee sound of my band.  We became friends later but he got on my shit list again after he flushed a package of cocaine down the toilet ON PURPOSE at our rehearsal space after my bandmate (in a side project) left it behind in the unisex bathroom.  Ask him, he’ll confirm that.  What a dick. *** JIM CURRAN (photographer/ film maker): My favorite story about WBCN’s Rumble is a tie between the time Gang Green won and took a sledge hammer to a synthesizer that a record company wanted them to use. I was in the front row at the Orpheum with my brother, the totally trashed synthesizer landed in our laps. The other moment was last year when Scamper’s guitar player broke his guitar about two songs in and someone from Taxpayer lent him his. Class act. *** WARD HAYDEN (Girls Guns & Glory): I met up with Kier Byrnes (3DT) at last years Rumble and then decided to go round for round with him as we held our own independent contest; the WARD RUM-ble. The night started great and the bands were incredible (from what I remember), but as the night progressed and the RUM-ble kept pace, the night worked its way into a dangerous black. All I recall is the rumble of stomach thunder as I ralphed from Cambridge to Brookline. All the while, dizzying images zipped past my bobbling head as I littered the streets with the spoils of rock ’n’ roll. *** PAUL WISNER (Miskatonic): It has always been very exciting to see bands I follow play in the Rumble.   I remember feeling that something great had happened to ME because Tugboat Annie won their night.   AM Stereo’s set in the preliminary round ended with a song whose chorus went “We’re gonna win the wild card!” …and then they did!   My eyes went wide when The Pods played “Separate Ways” without any hint of irony.   It was noted here in The Noise as the funniest Rumble suicide. *** MIKE PIEHL (Reverse/ Tim Gearan): My favorite story about the Rumble is when Ajax and Cowboy are running from the Baseball Furies. Cowboy says he “can’t make it” and Ajax says: “Good! I’m sicka runnin’ from these wimps!” and he turns around and starts kickin’ some serious ass! AWESOME! *** DARRON BURKE (Makeshift Studio): That UV Protection is in it this year, woohooo! As far as the Rumble goes, I don’t believe in the Curse. I just think everyone has high expectations after a big win. Like the next step is going to be international stardom. But, bands are bands and they will eventually break up sooner or later. Nobody has had seven years of bad luck or got killed or anything… wait, have they? Lolita: As far as we’re concerned, The Dresden Dolls killed the Curse in 2003, so we need a new silly story to spread. Let’s hear from our sexy correspondent with the latest in rock news to see if she has any silly stories we could possibly use to replace the Rumble curse.

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Lolita: Thank you Lolita. Let’s see if any of these are silly enough… THE DOWNBEAT 5’s new CD Smoke & Mirrors (Steel Cage Records) was recorded completely live at Q Division Studios during a party this past fall. *** MOUTH SEWN SHUT is touring Europe in April. *** THE VITAL MIGHT is on the back end of a six-week tour of the east coast in support of their debut album, Obsidian. *** After a long break ZIAF toured Europe and Asia during March. *** CASPIAN, the first band to record in the newly revamped New Alliance Studio with ETHAN DUSAULT, will release The Four Trees (Dopamine) on Friday, 4/13 at the Paradise. Then the band heads out on their third U.S. tour. *** THE REAL KIDS’ European tour was cancelled when JOHN FELICE’s non-communication forced the organizers to pull the plug. *** HOORAY FOR EARTH planned their U.S. tour to take them to SXSW and then back. Lolita: Why just drive straight there when you can get paid to stop along the way? *** A TASTE OF SILVER has an extensive tour that circles the US planned for June and July to support their release of Narcimalion (Hold True Recordings). *** THREE DAY THRESHOLD signed a deal with Hi-N-Dry. They’ll be releasing Against the Grain in May. *** Rock City Guitars in Somerville closed its doors when its lease ran out. There are no plans of it reopening anywhere else, but a similar store may be opening in Central Square. *** The Mikey Dee Musician’s Benefit Trust helps musicians in need. If tragedy hits you or a musician you know, contact ADAM LEWIS (adam@planetarygroup.com) for help. The trust recently made a large donation to JON ERIK JOHNSON’s family. *** The Verge College Music Conference kicks runs from Thursday, 4/19 to Saturday, 4/21 in Boston. Go to vergeconference.com/verge for the schedule of events and sign up information. *** ETERNAL EMBRACE is having a cover art contest for their new gothic/doom metal album, Snowfall. Write to eleanor@eternalembrace.com if you’re interested. *** LIVINGSTON TAYLOR plays a special benefit for Animals As Intermediaries at the Emerson Umbrella, 40 Stow St., Concord, MA on Saturday, 4/28. For more information call (978) 369-2585. *** The Boston Rockers hockey team played the Berkley College hockey team on March 13. The Boston Rockers are led by SHRED (WBCN) and MIKE BARRY (Super Genius). Other players include DANA COLLEY (Twinemen), KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold), JABE BEYER (Jabe), JERRY LEHANE (The Dogmatics), RICHIE PARSONS (Unnatural Axe), and SCOTTY CUNNINGHAM (Ramblin’ Souls). For results of the game see the live review section in this issue.  Lolita: Well, there’s a nice little story to take the place of the Rumble curse.

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Lolita: Like what? Will Rumble winners now go on to become hockey players? Rita: You’re quickly losing your audience. Lolita: Right. I need a new question to ask. How ’bout, “Do you play hockey?” Rita: You just lost ten more readers. Lolita: Thanks for the pressure. I know—I’ll turn on the radio for an idea. Wow, this is a good song—who is this? That’s not the question. But my question is, “What radio show deserves more attention in The Noise? Why? Who is the DJ?” WALTER SICKERT (Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys): I would sacrifice 1000 unicorns in the name of WMFO (91.5FM), Joel Simches and On the Town with Mikey Dee (Wednesday 9:00pm-midnight). Also I would eat glass for WMBR (88.1) Bats in the Belfry (Monday 8pm-10pm) hosted by Mistress Laura. *** E ADAMS (Rock City Crimewave): Back Woods on WMBR on Saturday mornings at 10am. The host, John Funky, plays the best, craziest, most obscure, vintage rock ’n’ roll, country and rhythm ’n’ blues known to man. I wake every Saturday hung over and excited to hear this show. Not only is the music incredible but Mr. Funky (Count Funkula) is hilarious, DJ-ing in a way that hasn’t been done since the 1950s. I can’t do this show justice with words—you gotta hear it. *** NANCY NEON (The Noise/ Neon Nite): I have been a fan of Harvard’s 95.3fm WHRB’s Record Hospital since before I moved to the Boston area. In 2000, Kenne Highland introduced me to DJ extraordinaire, Dinos Mekios—a tall, dark, garage rock affionado from Greece. In addition to the obscure but total cool garage rock of his Greek homeland, he exhibited a penchant for Nederbeat—that’s Dutch Beat for you Nieder wirgins—like The Outsiders, Q65, The Golden Earrings, The Motions, Shocking Blue, and George Baker Selection. Record Hospital rocks Monday through Friday, 10pm to 5am. Listen anywhere via www.recordhospital.org. Requests: 617-495-WHRB. Fridays feature live bands! *** STEPHIE PEEKA (Stephie Peeka & the Seeking 7): I’d say Homegrown on PIXY 103 fm—but that’s on the Cape, so I don’t know if it qualifies. It’s local original music on Cape Cod and in April 2004 we were artist of the month and did a live in-studio for the two-hour show, which was fun. The Rock Babe, Suzanne Tonaire is the host. *** DOUG FULLER (The Silver Lining): There’s NO WAY this suggestion will make the cut, but it’s Juanita’s overnight show on WBCN.  She’s the best DJ ever—excellent music knowledge, laid back personality yet upbeat and witty, great on the microphone and she has a sweet voice.  I hope she gets a permanent prime time shift.  Me gusta Juanita. *** ERIC LAW (photographer): Joanie Lindstrom of WMBR’s Thursday edition of the Late Riser’s Club not only deserves more attention from The Noise but I think she deserves a spot on the cover and a full interview with her.  Joanie recently celebrated her 20th anniversary of being on the radio.  Not many DJs can make that claim—especially women DJs. She is a treasure trove of music knowledge and has so many great stories/memories about the local scene along with tons of great stories on just about any band who ever has played Boston. Joanie rules! *** DYLAN METRANO (Tiger Saw): Phoning It In (phoningitinwmbr.blogspot.com) is an amazing Internet radio show, now based out of Boston. Hosted by Nadav Carmel, it features live, exclusive performances by some of the world’s best bands, playing into their phones, and broadcast and archived for anyone to listen to. The list of past performances is quite impressive. *** TIM MUNGENAST (Tim Mungenast & His Preexisting Conditions): One radio show that deserves some Noise love is Bats in the Belfry on WMBR, hosted by Laura Wilson, Mistress of the Dark. This program explores the depths of dark music (sometimes creepy, sometimes beautiful, often both), and it includes local acts. It’s on every Monday night from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm, either on the air at 88.1 fm, or via RealAudio live on the web. *** LANCE WOODWARD (The Noise): All three of the most recognized local music shows (Boston Emissions—WBCN, New England Product—WFNX, Bay State Rock—WAAF) have done such a great service to our beloved scene. They’ve all made me a new fan of bands I may have never heard of.  To pick just one I’d have to go with WAAF’s Bay State Rock hosted by Carmelita.  She’s got the latest slot, been at it for over 20 years and still seems to go the extra mile for local acts and their fans.  *** DAVID JACKEL (The Daily Pravda): New England Product on WFNX, hosted by Dave Duncan, is still the key show for discovering local acts. It’s been a springboard for so many bands, and last year’s NEP shows at Bill’s offered some of the best local line-ups ever.  I still tune in almost every Sunday night, looking for new bands to play with. Lolita: You’ll be happy to flip some pages and find a story on Dave Duncan in this very issue.

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Lolita: Now why would you tell our readers to go someplace else in this rag when I’m trying to get them to read this column? Here now are examples of people playing with each other. I don’t think I worded that right, but who knows what people do behind closed doors?  BRIAN VIGLIONE (Dresden Dolls) is on tour with HUMANWINE. He also played drums, banged on chairs, and got in on all sorts of gang vocals on Humanwine’s album Fighting Naked which will officially be released in June. *** LINDA VIENS has a new project called COSMIC-TRIGGER that’s playing with electronica etc. TED CORRIGAN (x-Bad Saints) is in on it too. *** MICHAEL KEDDY (x-Blacklisted/ Psycho) has a new project called FAIRMOUNT FRINGE that recently recorded a demo. *** NICK WARD (bass) and PATRICK KIM (guitar) have left HO-AG. Nick has joined ROH DELIKAT. KRISTINA JOHNSON (Roh Delikat) has filled the guitar spot in HO-AG. *** READ YELLOW is calling it quits. That only means there will be more good musicians looking to form new bands. *** PURE FICTION is also coming to an end. They have one last show planned. *** If Black Sabbath owned an asylum, the house band could be PADDED HELL, featuring RICO PETROLEUM (x-Kilslug/ Upside Down Cross) on bass, daughter AUDREY PETROLEUM on vocals, MIKE MAHAN (x-AnalCunt/ Bratface) on guitar, and LARRY LITOGOT (Penis Fly Trap) on drums. *** CHRIS PEARSON (x- Green Magnet School) plays under the EKRANOPLAN imprint using special guests to round out the performance. On Saturday, 3/31 he’s at PA’s accompanied by DAVE Y (x-Nisi Period/ Dear Old Stockholm Syndrome). *** THE ALLSTONIANS now feature five original band members who’ve all appeared on their debut release Go You. It’s the largest number of founding members in the group in a decade. *** ELUCID (x- Every Last Day) has joined LUCRETIA’S DAGGERS on lead guitar. The dark lyrical electro-rock band is looking to acquire more musicians. Contact lucretiasdaggers@rcn.com. *** HEIDI LEE has taken over the lead singing chores for THE SNOWLEOPARDS. Lolita: Wait a second—that’s Heidi Saperstein. She must have married SUZI LEE (Mardi Gras), HONAH LEEMILNE (The Honah Lee), RYAN LEE (Ryan Lee & the Mindless), DANNY LEE (Super-Cannes) or BEN LEE (Joe Henley). Or maybe SPIKE, TOMMY, PEGGY, or MARVIN adopted her. No, either she’s exposing her southern roots to ROBERT E., or she’s addicted to SARA. I left out David—Roth, Jerry—Lewis, John—Hooker but didn’t want you to think I forgot them. But back to the subject—Heidi—I like your new name!

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Rita: I like Heidi’s new name too, but I need something to pick me up. I need to know about the good things that nature will soon bring me. Lolita: Ooo ooo, I know you’re going to have a new natural boyfriend soon! Rita: No. I need something I can count on—like the weather. Lolita: I’m gonna run outside in my Daisy Dukes and ask everyone, “What do you like most about the coming of spring?” JESSE VON KENMORE (The Pug Uglies and Dry County Sorrow): Spring brings out the hot rods, led sleds, muscle cars, and bikes. The air is ripe with the sweet smell of burning petrol and the fine rumble of glass packs and straight pipes. It is Valhalla. *** VALERIE THOMPSON (Fluttr Effect): My favorite thing about the coming of the spring is the Bulgarian tradition of the Martenitsa.  At the beginning of March, you wear your Martenitsa (a red and white string bracelet or red and white tassel) until you see the first signs of spring (a stork/robin, blooming flowers, randy college kids, etc.) Then you hang your Martenitsa on a tree in order to welcome in the spring and kiss winter goodbye.  I am also a fan of spring twitterpation and rakija—the Bulgarian national drink! *** IZZY MAXWELL (Count Zero): I love the sunshine!  It’s so exciting when spring comes and gets sunshine all over my face.  Sometimes it comes so hard I can feel it deep inside me.  Cleaning it all up can be a drag, though.*** JOHN POWHIDA (The Rudds): Springtime for Rudds brings a fresh new guitarist snnniiiifffff mmmmmm he/she smells like freshly mowed grass! Spring also delivers an almost ready third Rudd CD, ssssnnnniiiifffff mmmmmmm certainly no stinker! Lolita: Oh no, they’re gonna make another one! *** SHADY (x-Pure Fiction/ The Noise): Spring brings renewal in many ways: new music, new bands and The Red Sox are winning it all again. I’ll tell myself that until August when they tank—not that I’m a pessimist or anything. *** ROBERTO ROADSTEAMER (Robby Roadsteamer): In winter I find myself locked in my room, playing Nintendo, and taking acid. Just trying to figure out as much as possible. Spring is when I try to get back into society and see if anything I learned makes sense outside my own perspective…. And even if it doesn’t I’m happy with my own re-wiring. *** JOSH BOUGHEY (The Blind King): Spring is like a spirit of forgiveness, infusing everything with a rosy glow, as if winter never happened.  Birds, optimistic, raise their voices in song, warming our chilled hearts as nature once again unfurls her verdant flag of life beneath an azure sky.  Just kidding.  For me spring is all about pretty girls walking around in tube tops and Daisy Dukes. Lolita: And here I thought you were forgiving The Noise for that horrendous review that The Blind King got a while ago. But you’re really just back to check out my micro cut-offs—or are you looking to get inside them? *** EDRIE (Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys): Spring brings furry bunnies bearing gifts of chocolate, crocuses and sunshine and soft cool new grass and legs. Legs, legs, legs! Bare legs, lickable legs, legs in short flirty skirts, legs freshly shorn of winter’s fur. Legs that begin at soft ripe asses and end at pink painted toes shod in new sandals. Yummy smooth creamy white legs. *** RICHIE PARSONS (Unnatural Axe): The anticipation and arrival of the spring songbird migration gets me crazy. I start looking at my bird books and listening to my bird song LPs. April’s early arrivals whet my appetite for the full-on onslaught that May will bring. Up every day at 5:00, off to Mt. Auburn Cemetery. There are some kooks out there, too. I also photograph warblers in my yard during this small window of opportunity and beauty. I get so worked up that the sound of a car that needs steering wheel fluid is much like the song of the chipping sparrow. *** KAREN BARNICLE (Barnicle): Hot shorts and tube socks! Lolita: I guess my Daisy Dukes made you think of that. *** MAX HEINEGG (Max Heinegg): As Beck said, “Things are gonna change/ I can feel it.”  The coming of spring means the school year is winding down, and my students get calm and happy about it; the teachers and administrators know that summer is coming, and people start behaving like humans again.  Winter makes people quiet hibernating bears, meditative stew-cooking stout-drinkers, or royal jerks. Spring gives everyone, even the jerk, something to be happy about. *** AJDA THE TURKISH QUEEN (BLACK FORTRESS OF OPIUM): The crocuses. *** LIZ LINDER (photographer): Bunnies. *** ERIK LINDGREN (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic/ Arf Arf Records): Spring means that I can watch my Irish setter run like a red bullet through the fresh greenery of my 2000 acre backyard swamp. *** SHAUN WOLF WORTIS (Gato Malo): Warmth, sun, baseball, going to New Orleans, sitting on my stoop with martinis, softball, the Polka Show, my birthday, and lobster. *** LINDA VIENS (Angeline/ Bang Chicks): What I like, no what I LOVE, about spring coming is the rush of hope that I feel when the world is about to be reborn. *** MR. CURT (Mr. Curt Ensemble):  Open windows—hungry chirpin’ birds—the meow of restless indoor cats eager for adventure—the little thrust of our flower bulbs peeking through the ground—the tiny buds on the trees—the warm sense that another school year is slowly coming to an end before two months of SUMMER VACATION! And, of course, another loving moment on the planet with Ms. Donna! *** NICOLE CLARKE (Orange Nichole): Easter bonnets and getting the fever. *** KURK REIFLER (Kurt Reifler): Many animals hibernate in the winter.  So do I.  Winter is a time that I grow my hair out, record, spend time writing, and stay IN.  The whole year revolves around the spring.  Summer is too hot, fall is depressing because winter is on the way, and winter sucks, hard.  Also, as the weather warms up in the spring, so do the people.  I am not a people person really, so whatever environment makes them more bearable, I’ll take it.  My album drops the 20th (the day before spring).  Accident?  No!  *** FRANCIS DIMENNO (Wrong Hero/ The Noise): As Miss Johnson, our elderly elementary school music teacher, wrote, in our school anthem: “O Northview Heights that stands upon a hill/ At sight of you I feel quite a thrill/ For these were days of fondest memories/ That helped us sail through life’s stormy se-eas/ The first golden crocuses of early spring/ Are signs of happiness you used to bring/ In times of work and play you saw us through/ O hail to thee our own Northview!” *** DENNY MAFFEO (Plasma Factory): Beside winter being over, all those beautiful women shed those bulky coats they’re wearing! *** ICE PICK (Brookline Collective/ x-Dieselhourse): I love spring because all the hipsters shed their puffy coats, don short shorts, and get new and improved bad haircuts.  But they still wear the same tight black pants regardless of the weather.  It’s a miracle of body chemistry!  Or are they born with those pants on?  I know they stretch… *** SETH COHEN (Buried In Leather/ Mourningside):  Ah, spring!  The time of year when everyone’s so pent-up from the 41-month Boston winter that they just go nuts.  Women dress more provocatively than they will all year and get their flirt on.  That’s my favorite part of spring—the sex in the air.  In more ways than one, too—the pollen turning the sky into a green haze seems to specifically target those who spent the winter telling me to get the hell out of Boston if I don’t like the cold.  Now they’re a sneezy, dripping mess and I’m fully functional for the first time since November. *** KAREN ZANES (The Freeways): I like open windows and the smell of fresh air rushing through my apartment. I also get a kick out of the way otherwise intelligent men lapse into a temporary state of insanity as women begin to discard their full-length wool coats, parkas, and sweaters. By summer they are once again de-sensitized and can handle the sight of a woman in a miniskirt and halter top with discretion. *** MIKE LOCE (The Noise): The thing I like best about the coming of spring is the extra level of horniness that infuses everybody. Though this year’s weather has turned everyone into sexual bipolars, there’s nothing like going into a sweaty club in the spring and smelling the humanity that’s already oversexed from Internet stimulation! *** ELAINE O’ROURKE (Elaine O’Rourke):  Best thing about the coming of spring is knowing that summer time, which for me means beach-bumming time, is just around the corner. *** ELI CP (…And People And Crocodiles…): I can’t wait to take acid and walk around Brookline with a bunch of Clementines and a thermos of peppermint tea. *** BA (Kinnar/ Audrey Can’t Die): Mini eggs.  I eat more mini eggs in one spring, than the number of peanut butter and banana sandwiches Elvis ate in his lifetime—whether he’s still alive or not. *** NICOLE TAMMARO (Nicole Tammaro Photography): Wearing shorts, not having to warm up my car before I leave for work, eating and drinking in outside restaurants, smoking outside at a show with out freezing my ass off, and riding my motorcycle. *** DAMIAN DAVID (4” Stud): I like the spring because warm weather means it’s almost time to chase down the ice cream man.  Yeah, so it might be weird that I’m always the oldest kid in line, but I’m also usually the biggest which makes it easier to push my way to the front… plus my car is faster so I don’t have to rush to catch that big loud cooler on wheels.  “Pull over and give me my bombpop, bitch!” Lolita: Damian, I hope you don’t run into Zortar in his/her ice cream truck. He/she may liquidate you into his/her milk derived products. *** SUSAN SCOTTI (Last Call Agency): If we are lucky enough to get spring in freakin’ New England! I like the spring ales… but mostly I look forward to the cute spring outfits T Max wears. *** SLIMEDOG (The Noise): What I like best about the coming of spring, is the birds chirping, the children singing, the very earth rejoicing in it’s rebirth of life. Also, the frozen dog shit appearing as the ice melts away. Lolita: But it always ends up disappearing. You know—you can’t see it when it fills in the grooves of your hi-tops.

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Rita: That’s just lovely.  At least when you’re in a club you don’t have to worry about that. You know, I think I’m feeling up to go out. Let me see what’s happening in my favorite clubs. THE INFORMATION do their thing at Great Scott on Friday, 3/30. *** On Saturday, 3/31, PSYCHO plays right after THE IN-OUT at the Skybar. *** There are two residencies on every Tuesday in April—SHOOT THE MOON hold theirs at the Abbey Lounge and SESSIONS AMERICAN do the Lizard Lounge. *** The WBCN Rumble (at Harpers Ferry) preliminaries roll from on Sunday, 4/1, to Saturday, 4/7 (skipping Wednesday); the semi finalists meet on Friday and Saturday, 4/13 and 4/14; the final showdown is on Friday, 4/20. *** ROGER MILLER (Mission of Burma) opens his art show New Work 2006-2007: Frottage, Scrawl, Paint, Salt, Scissors at Zuzu on Monday, 4/2. *** JON ERIK JOHNSON’s old band, THE BOURBONAIRES, reunite for one show to benefit their departed bandmate at T.T. the Bear’s on Thursday, 4/5. *** That same night CLAWJOB plays PA’s Lounge. *** THE RUDDS say so long to BRETT ROSENBERG with their last gig with him at Johnny D’s on Saturday, 4/7. *** Earlier on that day (1:00pm doors) Rockgrl presents the final round of Berklee’s Battle of the All-Female Bands (all ages) at the Middle East Upstairs. *** STEPHIE PEEKA & THE SEEKING 7 rocks the Abbey on Wednesday, 4/11. *** ANGELINE plays the Paradise for the opening reception of CONRAD HABERLAND’s Wanderworld painting exhibit on Thursday, 4/12 (7-9pm and it’s free). *** HEAVY STUD reunites on Friday, 4/13, at the Middle East Downstairs with THE GENTLEMEN headlining. *** Saturday, 4/14, is the day (doors at noon) for the finals of the WBCN High School Battle of the Bands. *** Later that night FLUTTR EFFECT mesmerizes the audience at T.T.‘s. *** MITTENS also take the stage on that night at Great Scott. *** BLACK HELICOPTER darkens the Middle East Upstairs on Tuesday, 4/17. *** The legendary PREACHER JACK is at the Midway on Friday, 4/20. *** LYRES play the Kirkland on Saturday, 4/21. *** Same night LORNTELL rocks the Bullfinch Yacht Club. *** Also on that night KRISTIN HERSH (full band with strings) plays the Regent Theatre (Arlington, MA). *** On Thursday, 4/26, A.K.A.C.O.D. drags them in off the streets at Zuzu. *** The Polka Party, with delicious Polish food and AL JANIK’S PLASTYCZNY SER ORKESTRA (& DA GOLONKA TRIPLETS), is happening on Saturday, 5/5, at the Abbey Lounge. Lolita: Well Rita, I’m glad to see The Polka Party has perked you up. Rita: Stop looking at my breasts. Lolita: I’m just glad you’re up for going out. In the words of the immortal MIKEY DEE—“Go see a local band this week.”

RIP: BRAD DELP (55) (Boston/ Beatle Juice) died on 3/9/07 in his home in Atkinston, N.H.

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