Mr. Max’s Message

T Max


We’re back in print—go ahead, get your hands dirty.  For those who thought we went exclusively online—we’ll be doing an online-only issue every March. And that’s only the month March. 

Our new feature, Readers Respo™, is going well. People and bands can now respond immediately to reviews they read online.

Thanks for reading both the online Noise and the print issues.


The basics for the community recording of “End War Now” are complete and, on April 15, Boston’s best vocalists will add their talent to the recording. It’s a media event that will strengthen the voice of the project. Watch to keep up with what’s going on. The recording of a song has developed into a documentary of the event. Who knows where it will be tomorrow? Support the event—buy peace products by Peace Logic available at the Noise Store.

T Max   publisher/editor


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