April ’07 Radio Chart

1. The Snowleopards

2. Piebald
Accidental Gentlemen

3. The Winterpills
The Light Divides

4. Bang Camaro
Bang Camaro

5. The Glass Set
Something Unknown

6. The Charms
Strange Magic

7. Kristin Hersh
Learn to Sing like a Star

8. Hooray for Earth
Hooray for Earth

9. Apple Betty
Let’s Play

10. The Blizzard of 78
Where All Life Hangs

11. The Larkin Brigade
Paddy Keys for Mayor

12. The Luxury
This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

13. Emily Grogan
At Sea

14. Big D & The Kids Table
Noise Complaint EP

15. The Gobshites
Another Round

16. Don Lennon
– “Gay Fun!”

17. Medicated Kisses
Medicated Kisses EP

18. Pernice Brothers
Live a Little

19. The Prime Movers
Back in Line

20. The Appreciation Post
Brighter Sides

21. Various Artist
Ace of Hearts: 12 Classic 45s

22. Hanneke Cassel

23. Christians and Lions
More Songs for the Dreamsleepers and the Very Awake

24. Hot Chip
Remixes and Rarities

25. Monique Ortiz
Reclining Female

26. The Slip

27. Frank Smith
Red on White

28. Barnicle
Take Me to Your Room

29. Girls Guns & Glory
Pretty Little Wrecking Ball

30. Ray Mason
A Man and His Silvertone

The Noise Top 30 Radio Chart is based on the amount of radio airplay
to locally released recordings. It’s compiled by RadioTony using
playlists from WAAF, WFNX, WMBR, WMFO, WTCC, and WZBC. If your station
would like to add its local playlist to the chart, contact

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