Mr. Max’s Message

T Max Dreamers Wanter


Some of you may remember my involvement with Boston Rock Opera. That
project brought together a lot of talented Boston musicians. Where that
was a performance-based project, Dreamers Wanted is a recording project
that will bring together a lot of like-minded Boston musicians and
members of the community in general. The first segment of Dreamers
Wanted is called “End War Now.” Go to
and check out the demo of “End War Now.” See if this project is
something you’d be interested in being a part of.


I hope you enjoy our first online-only issue (don’t worry—in April
The Noise will be back in its usual printed form). Check out all the banners. These
businesses deserve your support—they are supporting the local music
scene by being a part of The Noise family. I thank all of them for
taking this step with me into the future. I wasn’t expecting the change
over in design this month—but Eleanor Ramsay got it together a month
early. Let me know what you think of the new design of the site. As
everything settles we’ll be introducing new fun features that I know
you’re gonna love.

T Max
publisher/ editor


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